Heart of the Swarm - Abyssian Deck


'Sup everyone.
So, I just started tackling Abyssian because I got lots of Abyssian cards and made this deck I named Heart of the Swarm, obviously because of Starcraft :stuck_out_tongue: It fitted the Zerg theme perfectly, Abyssian eve has the same colour scheme ! Purple everywhere. But I digress. I didn’t use Duelyst DB because it doesn’t have Shim’zar cards, so here are some screenshots. Any feedback is appreciated.

I guess I should explain why I use those cards, right ?

  • Lilithe : Can summon Wraithlings. Perfect to swarm opponent
  • Dark Transformation : Nice removal, helps swarming
  • Shadow Reflection : Great removal if used on a Wraithling.
  • Bloodmon Priestess : Keeps the swarm real
  • Wraithling Swarm : Obvious swarm maker
  • Shadow Watcher : profits of the swarm. BP and Gor can potential make him invicible
  • Rock Pulverizer : Swarm potential. Nice defense potential.
  • Gor : fun card. Basically infinite if not dispelled
  • Gloomchaser : SWARM
  • Ephemeral Shroud : easily dropped swarm + dispel
  • Daemonic Lure : Great card. Damage + Helps dealing with threats
  • Blood Siren : Helps dealing with units or General
  • Deepfire Devourer : Profits of the swarm
  • First Sword of Akrane : Makes swarm strong
  • Grove Lion : Great card. Synergises well enough with Horn of the Forsaken
  • Horn of the Forsaken : Swarm
  • Pandora : Easily my favourite card. Swarm.
  • War Talon : Endgame card. Can potentially save the game.
  • Spectral Revenant : Great damage. Here to end the game.


I’ll be frank with you since no one else is. The deck is bad. However, you do seem to have some basic idea behind how the swarm works. That’s a good start. I assume the deck looks the way it does because you don’t have all the cards you need so you just put what you have that supports the swarm archetype to some degree.

I’m far from being an expert on swarm decks or even abyssian, but if I were on a budget I’d try build something like this. A low curve aggressive swarm.

Despite you getting the basic idea behind the swarm, you’re still wrong about certain individual cards:

  • Gor: When playing swarm, like the name implies, you want to swarm your enemies with lots of minions and use various buffs to finish them off. Gor is always going to be in the corner and far away from the action. Not something you really want in a swarm deck.
  • Deepfire: Card is good on it’s own in Lilithe, but it’s actually bad in swarm decks because you’re killing your own resources and you can’t even benefit from doing it on the same turn. Deepfire needs to live for a turn, and also need to stay in range in order for you to reap benefits. It’s really unreliable in the context of the deck.
  • Akrane: It’s too expensive for the effect it gives you. Soulshatter is way better, despite not having a body.
  • Rock: It’s a pretty sub-par 2 drop. You don’t want to be defensive anyway and even if you do the card doesn’t really help in that regard.
  • Grove: It’s synergy with Horn is so small it might as well be irrelevant. The card just doesn’t have the place in the deck of this sort.
  • Horn: I guess it could work but I think it’s just too slow and there’s better alternatives.
  • Talon: The card does it’s job in a budget deck as a late game threat, but like other cards I mentioned it has no place in the deck.
  • Pandora: It’s a really good card, and it does spawn minions which on paper helps swarm but it’s too slow to be relevant.
  • Blood Siren: It’s also good on paper because you technically can use it to clear a 2 attack minion with your swarm without any of them dying so you can get the benefits the following turn. There’s however better alternatives.

That’s more or less that, I could probably get even more into it but I’m tired so eh~

Legacy of the Void

Okay, thanks for the feedback ! Guess I should farm Gauntlet now


don’t let him dissuade you from blood sirens they’re actually really good in the right deck. if you want the deck to be hyper-aggressive then blood sirens are amazing. they allow you to hit face with your whole army and not kill all your things along with a 3/2 body. making them have to deal with them next turn. all of that for 2 mana


Blood siren is underrated for sure, especially when combined with shiro, void steal, or other cards that buff a bunch of your wraithlings at once so that you threaten them with buffed wraithlings for the next turn in addition to trading favorably the current turn. Soul shatter pact also works better if you can keep your wraithlings you generate from priestess alive even if they remove/dispel the priestess.

Everything else Raq said is correct though. I guess I’ll just add to beware of blistering skorn, and with swarm protecting your priestesses as best you can is key.


Grail masters work better in lillithe swarm decks as a finisher.
If it gets celerity+flying or ranged, ur opponent can be hit for 12


I did put it at some point in my deck but I finally decided to go for Pandora