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Healyonar Tactica, Tips & Tricks [Resource]


ah yes, but healyonar aint old here, is it?





it was my favourite thread


Dayumm, gonna need some Sundrop Elixirs for my eyes after that pic :lyogiggle:


is this a viable budget healynor?


Seems pretty good.
I felt like giving it a twist trying to get more chances to abuse bond and healing interactions with a lower curve:

Sideboarding 2 Tempest maybe, instead of Sun Bloom or a couple to switch with 1 Bond+1 Arclyte maybe

  1. No reason to have Divine Bond
  2. Martyrdom is arguable.
  3. Tempest is a must.

No reason to play Healyonar budget. Best cards are Sunriser and Lancer anyway.


Well, budget lists are always a choice when low on cards/spirit and for quests :wink: .
Surely Tempest is needed, maybe even 3 x actually :thinking:


No reason to play a bad Argeon list as Ziran

Use more golems and other fat guys to actually leverage the differences between the two


Not really enough heal effect cards to be really Healonar. Only have Lightchaser and Vitriol.
A few more big guys will be easier to use BBS.
Bond’s only target is Ironcliffe. Remove or add more targets.
Sundrop without card draw is asking for your hand to run out, especially with all the other cheap cards.


I hate to admit it, but Healyonar really doesn’t lend itself well for a budget deck. If you want to play Zir’an specifically on a budget, I suspect you’re going to be best off playing a Divine Bond deck, which has a bunch of high-Health minions to take advantage of. Are you set on playing with Zir’an? I can make some recommendations if that’s the case.


sure. wanna build up to a full blown healynoar. i would like something to get me started if possible.


Do you have any copies of Sunforge Lancer, Sunriser, Holy Immolation or Trinity Oath?


nope, sadly i dont


Alright. My advice to you would be to play Argeon and/or Brome first, because they’re far more budget-friendly. Golem decks, Zeal decks and Tempo decks can be very cheap to build. If you’re set on Zir’an, you can find a very budget Zeal-Bond deck that is about as cheap as I can make it while making some sense with Zir’an.

The reality, though, is that Zir’an starts doing work once you start getting some cards that let you cash in on her BBS. I don’t like it, but I think that’s the most honest appraisal I can give you.

Here’s the budget Bond deck:

Without Trinity Oath it’s hard to get a source of draw for Zir’an so I thought going the Zeal route would help out. I suggested Sojourners for a bit of extra draw, but they’re not necessarily ideal choices for her. The goal of this deck is to stick a Maiden or Guardian, load it up with an Afterblaze and/or Bond to then go for a big punch around the 6-mana turn. Afterglow helps keep Health high so you can hopefully maintain a board to actually pull this off. If anyone else has suggestions for hyper-budget Zir’an decks I’d be interested in seeing them.


I’m no Zir’an expert, but something like the following feels more like Healyonar to me (based off of Niklaren’s budget Zir’an on Duelspot):

As others have said, the best cards in Healyonar are the epics, so this version is very underpowered. However, it should be functional, teach you something about how to manage your heal triggers, and gives you are clear path to upgrading as you acquire the higher-rarity cards: Sunchaser -> Lancer (first priority), Hound -> Oath, Skorn -> Sunriser, Sojourner -> Spelljammer.

Are you looking for budget Zir’an generally, or budget Healyonar? The latter is much harder since, as your own deck shows, the best way to get value from Afterglow on a budget is by going slow and running big booty minions. If you just want ways to build cheap Zir’an decks, I have a few different ideas, but I wouldn’t want to take the thread off-topic.