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Healyonar Tactica, Tips & Tricks

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Lyonar Heal Deck too weak (Proposed Changes)
Help me to improve this heal Deck
Is Reva the new "old zirix"?

Are we seriously going to use likes in that capacity? Anyway, seems like a pretty big project for something that is a pretty uncommon deck archetype which doesn’t really interest people all that much. Well, it it does work out and gets people to play it, I’m all for it as it’s a more fun way to play Lyonar.

Maybe for starters add some existing decklists even if they’re slightly outdated? It could serve as a good reference point.


One of the main advantage of healyonar right now is the fact that the deck has a decent match up against Songhai which is nice, here is my personal version:

Deck name: Healyonar midrange

Rank: haven’t played the deck too much on ladder but I am regular S-rank player

Classic midrange shell with heavy synergies towards heal, very good against aggro and songhai and decent against anything else. Very hard to play.


Looks pretty good, could you add a bit of info to fit the format?

Do you get to play Sky Phalanx regularly, or do you end up replacing it all the time?



Healyonar is a deck trying to make the game long through healing , sky phalanx is a great late game card, here you are. I replace it until I reach the 6 mana mark then I keep it depending on the situation.


Fact is Ziran healionar is not an immediately playable deck, it’s not straight forward as Kara or Vaath, it needs strategy and you have to hold your horses till mid late game. An it’s not so strong eiether.
All the same it seems a lot of people loves it and want to make it competitive.
I’m one of them so I appreciate you post.

Here’s my tips:
Keeper of the vail and Solarius

As you noted, if you fall behind in board control, if you can’t keep ypur minions alive till next turn, you do nothing with this kind of deck. Keeper of the vail helps a lot in that regard being most of the minion I use quite strong statswise.
Solarius because, while weak and useless early game, it keeps your hand full late game. If opponents is low on cards late game and you have solarius you should not lose.
Of course I play lots of provokes to gain time.


I like Solarius, but do you actually manage to play it? My experience is that it’s just too slow of a 6-mana play in Healyonar. I do like Provoke in Zir’an decks, looks nice!


I might be a tad too ambitious, I realize that. But I was willing to chance the waste of effort. Maybe the upcoming Day Watcher will push its popularity a bit.

I’ll look around for some older evergreen lists, maybe I should add in Brian Kibler’s deck tech videos as well for some perspective.


Solarius is wonderful, you want it in hand around turn 5 than wait the right turn to drop it. Of course when you drop it avoid to put yourself in the center of the action that turn, just stall for one turn, retreat if necessary.
Being in late game with your hand full is a big advantage.
One more thing: it works better in a deck with 40% 2 o 3 drops.


Yeah I really like Solarius in Zoo decks, but I run two Ruby Rifters and barely manage to generate enough tempo with those already to justify casting them xD. I suppose I really need to commit to some Provoke cards to slow the game down.


Here’s a good deck, it took me from rank 3 to 1, I hope to go S-rank next days.
I used to play lancer than i found light beam to be so much better.
Win rate around 70% but of course end of season is easyer.


precisely, I run Solarius in control decks with lots of removals, provoke and repolsor beasts.


I had the occasion to test the deck a bit in S-rank and I have been doing well so far:

The 2 loss I took I played terribly.

I am playing the very same list than in my OP but 2 lightbender instead of 2 sun bloom (lightbender is better in the current meta and having as many bodies as possible in Healyonar is key).


Excellent guide. I’ll take some of your advice and make some adjustments to my deck.


Don’t you screw yourself dispelling your own stuff, how do you manage that? Impressive results by the way, nice :).


Never happened so far.

After a lot more testing I realized that the deck was really good against a big portion of the meta but terrible against vetruvian (even despite the lightbenders). In late game there is nothing I can do i just get shredded by aymara/nimbus/dominate will, lyonar does not have access to good removal is quite horrible in this MU.

But I still believe my version is close to the best you can have considering the midrange approach, maybe there is a very aggro healyonar that we could explore.


I’ve played a bunch of Healyonar and worked hard to fine tune my decks. The one I’ve had the greatest success with is a weapon deck that uses 2X the 6 mana artifact, 3X Regalias, and 3X of Sunforge Lancer.

But overall, I think that Healyonar simply can’t be ‘competitive’ right now. The expansion simply introduced too much broken stuff, primarily for Vetruvian / Songhai, and you tend to lose early game due to pax / songhai crap even if you tailor your deck entirely against these things.


This is my current iteration of my Zir’an. Biggest problem is not having a turn 1 play going first. Only got me to rank 3 though.

Main points/concerns/card opinions of the deck are:

  • Flex points include afterblaze, the amount/type of dispels I’m using, Sky phalanx, and tempest
  • Tempest was added cause I saw a lot of aggro. Skorn was also used sometimes cause of the body and I’ve definitely switched between the two a lot.
  • Because of the combo type of play in this deck I don’t often have card advatange. Solarius helps but against aggro not so much. Sometimes I have sun wisps instead because of that.
  • Best matchup so far is against songhai. Aegis on a kron does so much.
  • Kron is used over ironcliffe cause it’s just that good. Plus I don’t run divine bond.
  • Afterblaze is sometimes swapped for sun wisps for more reliable draw.
  • Ephemeral is great cause of the body. I tried lightbender but the only card I would want not dispelled is my healing mystic. I can’t even put it next to my general often because of lancer.
  • Sadly my worst matchup was against vet.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions


How do you manage to win against songhai with your list? I reached diamond a few days ago and use the careless time on rank 5 to toy around with healyonar and honestly, outside of bad hands on their end i just get busted to no end by songhai. (and pretty much everything else for that matter)

With just 3 dispels there is no way to deal with all the foxes, 4wms, chakris, Ki Beholders (that thing with killing edge and i can kiss my board good bye and basically instant concede unless i have the sun bloom in hand) and pressuring them is completely out of the question, usually i have trouble to even keep a minion on board because my 3 health minions make fine phenix fire targets. And then at some point they just go bloodrage mask + barrage of spells making their chakri they kept somewhere in the corner huge and blast me into oblivion.

Right now I think i have like 35% winrate with my deck and most of the time i feel like there is just no way of winning unless my opponent missplays like a mad man, has a horrible hand or just disconnects.


What list do you play?

From my experience their is 3 things songhai is afraid of:
-Big provoke minion , if the opponent doesn’t have an OBS it is a pain for songhai to deal with
-Get too far behind on board, my healyonar list is built to establish board presence as much as possible , especially since my later changes (-2 sun bloom+2 lightbender, -1 sky phalanx, -1 circle of life +2 dioltas)
-HEAL, my deck has 8 heal cards (I don’t count circle since I took it out ), most of songhai list do a lot of card disadvantage in order to get a lot of direct damage , the heal is the best answer to that.

Outside of the 2 lightbenders, martyrdom are very strong in early game against fox and chakri.