Healyonar S-rank decklist


This is the Healyonar deck i haved played exclusively in diamond this season …today i reached S with it so i wanted to share this list

The real MVP in this deck is sunriser…thanks to cleric you can threaten a t2 sunriser play (play the ground on the middle of the field) and zone the opponent off with that(just watch out for tigers)
Later on the amount of procs you can get with hallowed grounds cause sunriser to be a better play than holy immolation on a damaged minion most of the time

Lightbender and EMP realy hurt this deck(fourtanetly i havent faced much of those 2 on the ladder)
Suggestions are welcome


hey, would you mind uploading a video of game play to showcase how to pilot the deck? thanks :blush:


I like the list but I think 1 of Aperion’s claim over maybe a Martyrdom could be helpful to deck.



I played 4/5 matches with a very similar list and it’s really fun. The only change I made was removing Sanctify and replacing it with Wild Tar, because it’s a minion which is hard to deal with and provides more AoE.

I think it’s a strong list, though it probably gets wrecked by Control Magmar decks. Also, matches are typically long, so it’s not great for fast climbing.


Sanctify is one of your best tools against magmar
It pushes your important minions out of makantor,lavaslasher and plasmastorm range


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