Healyonar deck doing better than I'd expected


Nothing special, but I was delighted to hit diamond on the back of a 9 game winning streak so I thought I’d share it =)


Hey, you should try Day Watcher opposed to Sun Seer. It is much easier to get multiple heal procs off of it because any friendly minions attacking cause the effect. Yeah you get 1 less HP, but honestly you would probably get double the heal procs.

Also being able to drop it when you already have a board developed is good opposed to hoping that Sun Seer survives for your next turn.

Congrats on hitting diamond. If only winstreaks continued on and made climbing past 5 easier


Yes Daywatcher can be really nice :slight_smile:
Also, why the Sunbreaker?


Subbed Daywatcher for Sun Seer. I’ll see how I do =)

Why the Sunbreaker? Partly because of search-keyword synergy (I searched for “Sun” and threw in everything that looked sensible), partly because I didn’t have anything to deal with minions hanging at the pack; Reva spawning heartseekers everywhere, jaxes in the corners. And I thought that damaging my own minions might give me something to heal, though doing that at the same time as changing my BBS from “heal” isn’t very smart.

What would you replace it with?


What’s your experience with him? It took me like 10 seconds with him on the battlefield to go from “He looks interesting” to “That’s poop with legs!”.


Let’s put it this way: I’ve never thought “Thank god for that” when I’ve replaced into her.

I just tried putting Scintalla in, but I think Trinity Oath is the answer. Need more draw.


Trinity oath is a must in synergy decks. I played zir’an last night and was never disappointed with the oath.

Healyonar’s old issue was a lack of card draw and oath fixes that easily.


I’m running a healyonar deck again - its proving to be fun and fairly effective. You have to run Trinity Oath though, and even then I toy with running Sojourner or Lionhearted Blessing. Do you find you get much valuer out of lightchaser? I always find he dies too soon to be of any use and dropped him.


Er…are you really running Healyonar without Scintilla? That was the one card that elevated Healyonar from meme to not-meme by making her unspammable BBS spammable.


There are some changes I’d personally make, but the only real hard recommendations are swapping Sun Seer/Day Watcher for 3x Scintilla, and making Sunbreaker a 1-of to include another 2-drop (I recommend Azure Herald over Fiz if you’re set on a healing 2-drop) and another Circle of Life. 3x Excelsious is waaay overkill, 1 or 2 at most should be good. I can understand if you don’t have all the cards yet though.

Healyonar’s getting pretty good! Zir’An hit the third spot for win rate on DuelystHub.


This is my healing deck. When it works it really works, when it doesn’t it runs out of steam or gets steamroller, which is why I guess its rated sub-par in current meta. I think there’s enough potential in the archetype to get it working though. It’s just a case of getting the right synergies and a solid wincon. I’d love any suggestions.



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