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Healyonar Comeback?


Ok, so since its now soon going to be my 3rd time in Diamond since I started a good 3 months ago, I decided that this deck is pretty busted. Ok, with the new Grow decks and 8G8s/Mantra still going strong in the meta, this may not be the best deck, but from my experience it’s pretty damn strong.

Here’s the deck:

I felt that with the new expansion theres suddenly a lot more competition in terms of board control in games recently, and adding in Sunstrike is meant to do just that. the premise of this deck is to ensure your general is always in the 24-20 health range while getting heal procs on minions and your general with spells and minions like Healing Mystic and Scintilla.

If this gets enough likes, I’ll make an actual guide on how to play this, but well, for now ill just leave it at that.

(Disclaimer: I know it seems like im pretty inexperienced but I’ve gotten rank 1 in hearthstone so its got to count to something)


Nice to see that you’re enjoying Ziran :slight_smile:

Try to get her to S-Rank!


I´ve been playing it and think its pretty cool but i´m having a hard time getting value out of Rescue-RX. How do you play it?
And how do you try to mulligan?


@kevin2hard is proof positive that Healyonar is a thing. Dude is crushing


honestly ive tried playing without rescue RX and it really doesnt make a diff early game, its more of a late game heal MACHINE, so plop it down in a corner and let the turns run. play it more against aggro decks when they reach their 7 mana spikes, so it negates abit of damage.

as for mulligans, if starting player 1, maybe look for a lightchaser to plop down far back, and then let it grow into a decently sized threat, or at least soak up some attention and board clear from the other guy, if you get lucky, go for the sunrise cleric hallowed grounds combo. If starting player 2, try to get more hallowed grounds, or look for something like a silverguard knight sunrise cleric combo, which could be a pain in the ass for the other guy.


The only(!) healyonar i can say is good enough to call the deck busted is ma man @kevin2hard. Most of heal players are netdecking the same heal deck and ending up losing most games.
I myself never had a problem with heal - enough big dmg is doing the trick.


hmmm, definitely would like to try that deck out, what do you mean by big damage? as in heal synergy or flat big bodies? anyway I feel most of the time healyonar suffers the problem of having a difficult game if its on slightly level ground, so maybe something could be changed?


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