Healing in Duelyst vs Excelsious


Recently while playing I noticed that Excelsious doesn’t get buffed while healing an enemy with your own heals (casting a Sundrop Elixir on enemy) and Emerald Rejuvanator triggers him only once.

Video of interactions


So either Excelsious works only with your heals ONLY on your minions/general (despite card text saying “anything”); the healing in the game always takes the player controling the minion/general as a source; or Excelsious is just straight up bugged.

What do you guys think? Should Excelsious be buffed from healing an enemy, or the current iterration is fine?[poll]

  • Should be buffed from healing enemies
  • It’s fine as it is
  • Change card text?


I also noted that that my opponent can buff my Excelsious when he heals one of my units.


Bug is bug. Bug is bug.


I figure it’s working as intended since if it got buffed any time your opponent heals Kelvin would make him a 50/50 in no time


Yoy say that like it would be a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue:.


It states that anytme YOU heal something it gains+1/+1 not anytime SOMETHING heals. So making the card work according to its text would not make it possibly a 50/50 in no time. Im guessing that CPG just made the card work with the text “Whenever one of your units are healed gain +1/+1”. However if they had programmed it correctly it would have been triggered twice from emerald rejuvanator and once from Martyrdom no matter whether its used on ur minion or on ur opponents’ minion.


Yeah card text is wonky. It should read “whenever one of your units is healed, gain +1/1”. But does it trigger when your opponent plays emerald rejuvinator?


Da moment when you wish Sandbox mode was working correctly


It does.


Just dropping in to move this to tech support; I think I’d expect this to be fixed next full-size patch if they fix it.


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