Heal ziran deck that got me to diamond


so yea if you are looking fo build a healonar deck for ladder this is it to reach diamond. i must say tho tech choices would be taking out two suntide maiden for two hollowed grovekeeper if seeing alot of vet or lyonar… and if seeing abyssian n magmar alot take out maidens and one sun wisp for 3 sunblooms. laddering u will always need to tech based on whats been played cannot just stick to one deck. so main focus is to obtain early game with 2 drops sun wisps n azurite lions being first priority to play in early game as they are alot weaker in later stages. then ramp into dioltas or regalia based on board state…tip best to go into your weapons when facing vanar becuz they have a hard time dealing with regalia. I am still working on tweaking this deck as i ladder n hope to reach s rank with it.

ok so combos are obvious if u have regalia and a minion and opponent has no board by turn 6 u can either develop an ironcliffe or hit em with afterblaze divine bond combo on any minion u have positioning is key and try to avoid letting them kill sunwisp for free when facing cassiyva i usually play sun wisp on shadow creep late game (pretty obvious)

why no sun bloom in main? this is a control yet “slight” aggressive deck with proper positioning (eg. placing dioltas behind u so it can support u getting attacked can be game changing) u will find that opponents are more scared of you by turn 6… and becuz they are trying to play around holy immo a good decimate will tottally rek them.

Zurael the lifegiver
reason for this tech card grants a bit more consistentcy to counter abyssian and vetruvian 8 mana removal but its mainly used to revive stormblade or grandmaster zir with another minion(s) on board it gives u that lil bit of swarm in a control non swarm deck lol

vs songhai and vet
to be honest not really scared of vetruvian anymore nuff said… but against songhai two key cards to always keep is decimate and grandmaster zir. if played right u will live just enough for zir to work out for u most of the time and if u manage to get an afterblaze on zir its pretty much gg (zir so good i sometimes wonder if i should craft a 3rd dont roast me on this lol)

weakness some songhai/magmar/abyssian minion spawn and her healings well this is it for now will change a few things in future enjoy xD


I thought you already reached diamond with this deck? (Nevermind I’m retarded, that was last season).

I recommend everyone to have a good read to get some insight into OP’s way of thinking as it will be easier to understand this thread. You won’t be disappointed.

Either way, you’ve come very far from that. Sure, the deck still has no healing synergy what so ever and it’s viability is still limited to gold where everything works but it’s an improvement nonetheless.

Good job OP.


that was for last format maybe thats why ppl got negative


healing synergies are too weak in my opinion not enough damage or trading potential and get dispelled easy makes u lose tempo… eg sunrisers lightchaser and sunforge lancers… they are good especially lancers good for fun value but for competitive consistency too situational n slow and ppl run zenrui dispells even tho i’m taking a chance with dioltas having 3 divine bonds will almost guarantee value


Just fyi, having Zir’an in a Lyonar deck does not make it a Healyonar deck. Calling a deck a Healyonar deck means the deck revolves around healing synergies to at least a moderate degree. You have 0 healing synergy cards, so it’s not a Healyonar deck.

PS: It’s clearly not a heal deck either, c’mon kev. You made a mixed Zeal deck that has a bunch of late game cards. And the Lyonar section has two Healyonar threads near the top.


ye i kinda figured thats what he meant its because i dont see anyone post any ziran deck so might aswell be the only ziran but ill change the topic


No need to defend yourself. I know how you sincerely believe into the things you’re saying and that’s fine. I respect that. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong. You seem to be slowly improving when it comes to your deck building and that’s enough of a proof how you’re doing something right. In a month or two you will definitely make a lyonar deck that will be able to reach diamond.


2x sky phalanx ftw :sunglasses:

Also if something like sunlancer gets dispelled its not a waste since you still have a unit on board and thats one less dispel your opponent has to dispel your late game cards like gm zir.


Just a question…How do you deal with things that need to be dispelled? Or do you just try to decimate it. Most of my games for me everything tends to stay close to a general so I never get that much vaule.


I probably would also defend myself when getting so much negatives…

For shure this is no Healonar but I don’t see why the deck should not work. Descend early drops, can be played good on curve, so card draw isn’t needed that much (if Solarius gets silenced), good ol’ DB combo as a wincon and maybe doesn’t need heal because of Z’ir (I haven’t played him ever so I can’t tell much about Z’ir). If Arclyte/Dawn’s Eye combo sticks it’s great and if not - Arclyte is great for it’s own. Decimate is good against Abyss and Songhai.
All in all: Maybe I would cut a Sky Phalanx, Zurael and a DB for one more Solarius, one more Dawn’s Eye (if played I would always take 2) and a Dioltas maybe. Or two tech cards like Grovekeeper or Zen’Rui - and give it a try.
(Well - I don’t see why playing Zir’an over Argeon in this deck… but if it works…)