Heal Zir'an deck advice?


This is my budget Heal Zir’an deck. Nothing too fancy, nothing too legendary. The Hallowed Grounds mechanic is pretty dope, and I’m beginning to see at least a bit of hope in this deck of mine. I’m still playing in silver, but you guys will help me go up right? Maybe…?

I’m still working to get expensive options such as Trinity Oath, Gold Vitrol or Scintilla. I’ll get those cards someday, but for now, I have to improvise with reasonable crutch cards such as Saberspine Tiger or Sundrop Elixir.

I replaced my Windblade Adepts with Light Chasers, as the nerf was just too painful to take in. I also like to use Azure Herald rather than Fiz, Because I’d like to control my minions to select certain attack targets to make room for heals. That’t about it for explanations.

So what should I do now? Any tips and advice would be helpful. Also, I’m looking for a suitable finisher minion to replace Ironcliffe Guardian. Something like Stormblade, for example? I have about 1900 spirit right now, so there shouldn’t be too much of a problem crafting one or two powerful minions. Anyways, thanks a lot. Cheers.


Deck has quite a lot of cheap cards. Do you run out of gas too quickly?

Lyonar doesn’t have the best late game minions and I like Ironcliffe :expressionless: .

Some cards to consider:
Skorn and Tempest for good AOE. Hurting your minions can give opportunity to heal as well.
Circle of Life. Removal and Heal.
Lucent Beam. (Alternative to Fortified Assault.) Can remove stuff like Phantasm and do face damage for lethal finish.


I don’t like the idea of self harm, because it’s really hard to control. Then what cards should I take out in place of Lucent Beam and Circle of Life?


I’d recommend losing Lightchaser. You already have 9 2-or-less drops and Lightchaser is not necessary. Most of the time he will likely be removed before he’s useful/buffed properly. Lucent Beam and Circle of Life are lovely cards in this deck. Early and mid-game removal that gives you a lot of range. Tempest can also be a good add due to the AOE and heal options. Skorn is also an option as it gives you a body to work with too.

After that you seem to know the cards you should get from RotBB. If you pick up Excelsious from there you could use him as a temporary finisher until you find something really worthwhile. If your opponent doesn’t have an immediate answer it’s GG for them but I prefer my finishers to have a more immediate effect on the board.


You need a way higher curve or way more draw, this deck will run out of cards in a hot minute. Really any neutral draw card can work, Sojourner, Jammer, Lkian.

After that work on a higher curve and getting the bad cards out of your deck. Vitriol is okay, but Trinity Oath is golden. 3 Ironcliffes or an Elyx or two might be nice as well. Pick up some AoE in Skorn or Tempest as mentioned above, and probably a third Sunbloom. Claim can also be an incredibly powerful lategame tool.

Drop tigers and drop one or two of your heal proc minions, Sunriser or Sun Sister and probably Light Chaser, you have enough 2 drops and need a higher curve. You also have too many one drop spells, drop some. I personally don’t like Fortified Assault, but it’s an alright card.


This is the list I’m running.

A bit heavier on spells but otherwise pretty similar to yours. Not playing Saberspine because I find them to be a bit lackluster when you can’t BBS them to five power. And seeing how Ziran is more of the snowball-y variety, I much rather have a minion that solidifies my board position instead of just removing a threat/going face.

Why the singular Ironcliffe?

Fortified Assault is cute, but I think it’s a bit too narrow. I found myself relying on it mostly to remove critical threats that were otherwise out of range. But this also meant that I couldn’t benefit from the resulting Holy Ground. Also: it’s reliant on me already having Holy Ground, which makes it a bit sketchy in the early phases of the game. Eventually I replaced it with Martyrdom which has its own pitfalls but at least takes care of almost everything though the life gain can end up hurting you. Despite being a snowball-type deck, Ziran’s late game is comparably weak and giving your opponent five to ten life can mean you don’t have enough reach.

I would definitely play Light Chasers. They are a solid early game play and reliably draw removal giving your other pay off cards more room to breath.

I wouldn’t play Scintilla or Vitriol. Scintilla has a weak body for her cost, her effect doesn’t trigger as often as you might think and you have plenty of heal already. Vitriol is too random to be reliable and too dependant on being ahead on board to be of any significant use. I never understood why some people are fans of the card. In none of the games that I played it, I felt like it added anything significantly to the board when I was behind or on par, nor was I ever unhappy when my opponent played one. But different strokes for different folks. Maybe you like it.

Aperion’s Claim is mostly in there because I want it to be good. In reality it’s rather mediocre. Ziran needs at least a somewhat developed board to do anything even remotely unfair and Claim doesn’t really give you that. It removes some/all of the enemie’s threats but at the cost of your whole turn. More often than not your opponent just uses his next turn to set up shop again which means you just delayed the inevitable by a single turn. It’s more a safety switch for games where you are slightly ahead instead of a big swing card. But seeing how shitty Lyonar’s removal is in general, I just like having a catch-all card in my hand. Even if it doesn’t end up doing as much as I want it to.

The three two-ofs: Sun Bloom is only an emergency card. Wouldn’t play three because Ziran has trouble removing threats from the board anyways and if all you do is dispel stuff, you’ll quickly end up being overwhelmed by dispelled minions. Sun Sister is good, but because of how quickly she fills your hand you don’t really benefit from having more than one on board and together with three Oaths I found two to be enough to keep my hand filled. Two Claims because as said they aren’t really the catch all answers that you’d want them to be but just like Sun Bloom rather narrow answer cards.

Good luck with the deck. It’s beautiful when it comes together.


Alright, thanks everyone. I’ll think about Tempest, and will replace the Fortified Assaults with Circles of Life. (RIP spirit.) Only if Light Chaser was 2/3 instead of 3/2. :thinking:


This is my deck so far. I think it has gotten a lot better, so kudos to all of you. Any more places to improve? I’m still thinking of ways to fit some Tempests in. (By the way, I don’t think I can lose the Light Chasers just yet; they’re a personal favorite.)


-2 Sundrop Elixir
-1 Sun Sister Sterope
+3 Trinity Oath


As I already said, I am still yet to acquire Trinity Oath. I need Sundrop Elixir and Sterope for the flexible heals and draws.


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