Heal Lyonar Vs. Magmar


I’ve been paying Heal Lynonar for a while now, and have won most of my games, other than those againt Magmar, specifically Vaath, of which I’ve lost every one, any suggestions?


We can’t help you unless you post your deck.


Yeah big boy, show us your deck :smirk:


oh right, yeah:

It’s far from perfect, and slower than alott of other lists, but i like it, I’d like to swap out the Emeralds and a sister for 2 Circle and 2 Solarius, but, if it wasn’t apparent, I don’t have them.


The thing is magmar - vaath is the kriptonite of slow lyonar (healyonar).

Because the more you stall the more the dude get buffed and his minions get bigger, and there’s not enough dispel in the world to counter late game magmar.


So I kinda just gotta except defeat against him?


First of all - knowledge is a key, learn when to expect several key minions and act according to the situation.

Second - I can only suggest an alternative bursty win condition.
to rap up a game before it gets too ugly.


So, Suggestions?


I’ve got lucent beam and Immolation, so Tiger is my only other real option, I think, which seems pretty bad in this deck. or Flameblood, but I kinda wanted to make it a slower deck, but the more I think about it the more I’m starting to like Flameblood so I can be damaged from the get-go, and have a better chance against magmar, at least I think that’s how it works, though I don’t think, that’s great in the deck either.


In my healyonar deck I’ve placed ironcliffe heart+ d.b

Which is 7 mana for 13 damage with rush, on turn 7.
assuming that you have minions that are alive and close to the general.


Maybe I’m missing something here, but how does it have rush?


The minion isn’t exhausted when it transforms so you can attack immediately (unless you summoned it that turn)


Oh, right, ironcliff heart, I read that as guardian, ignore me, I’m dumb.


Try something with high attack and health count, like Elyx or Second Sun(Second sun is recommended only against magmar) as they are strong enough to outstand natural selection,makantor and vaaths himself on thier turns 5 and 6, but second sun is VERY weak to dispell so consider using DB or arclyte sentinel with it.


i like aegis barrier against magmar since their only way to remove it becomes punching it or plasma storm

too bad i only have 1


Minions without an immediate effect will become an easy thumping wave target.


Um, How does Blood Taura sound?


Honestly there is really no good deck against magmar playing as true Healnar.It is the worse oneside match up in the game.It is because Magmar has plasma storm and every heal syngery card except Sterope has 3 attack.

Something like

5. Second Sun/Dancing blades
7.Dark Nemeisis/Zir

But that is not really Heal lyonar build.Wait on expansion and hopefully it adds something to make the match up better


Meh, I guess, auto-loss on 1 in 5 matches it is.


Not to mention that a lot of em have only 4 health which puts them in Makantor range.