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Heal infinity deck


So the idea of this deck is to outheal our opponent’s damage to the point in late game where we practically turn immortal. The goal of this deck is to put as many gors and sarlacs on the board as we can, then cast consuming rebirth and blood echoes on them to multiply them and then heal with each gor/sarlac attack with kelaino or shadowdancer. We can also spam aphotic drain or ritual banishing with alcuin fugitive on board or just spam desolators. Once we finish xor’xuul trial and we have Kelaino/shadowdancer/Alcuin+aphotic drain on board we’re basically immortal. The most fun aspect of this deck is that the longer the game goes the bigger our heals become. What do you guys think about this deck, what would you improve?


What if I told you this Idea was already one of the most consistent xor decks.
As for improvements, replace Vellum with Azure horn for 2nd 2 drop and more tempo(adding hp is a type of healing, right?)


Is there going to be an infinite number of infinity decks? :grin:


You’re getting closer and closer to optimal builds. If you get rid of some spells to include early game minions, the deck will actually become competetive.


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