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HD Graphisms possibilities?




Is there any chance we could get HD animations/sprites in future ?

(please spare me the art part argument)


So you ask a question that only has one proper answer and you don’t want to hear it. What exactly do you want from us?


I don’t expect anything particular from you actually.

Well, actually, there might be some technical reasons : that may not even be possible in current assets state, or too much of workload.

For the art part, since it is really subjective, yes, if this is what you present as the only “proper reason”, then no thanks, I don’t really want to hear it, at least not before any other or only considerations.


Okay, how about this then? Seeing as every game has a finite number of pixels they can use before it gets too taxing on the hardware, and seeing how everything other than the sprites in Duelyst are made in high quality tiny pixels, there simply isn’t enough pixels left to make sprites HD without making the game run very poorly. I hope this explanation will suffice. I know plenty about pixels, I’ve seen the movie and I’ve read few articles.


Why do you bother answering to my topic, if it is just for sarcasm and irony ?


It is extremely unlikely we will see HD animations and sprites, it isn’t the desired art design for the game. Never say never of course but more than likely no.

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