Haven't played since Shizmar expansion, any particular cards to look out for?


So many new things and expansions, it’s really overwhelming to come back since I last played it. Can someone recommend some strong cards to be on the look out for with the abyssian, lyonar, vanar and Vetruvians?


There’s a staples thread somewhere.

Ah yes here. Somewhat outdated (contains NO UP cards, but meta hasn’t been decided yet so eh), but should still be relevant. For UP, just craft what what you think is good.


Thanks! This is really helpful. What do you recommend to pick up with gold? the 300 gold ones or the latest one


Depends on what you want to play.

Songhai really just needs spirit, so buy core.

Lyonar NEEDS Oath and Scintilla, so buy RotB.

Vanar needs both RotB and AB.

Vet is hot garbage w/ out Blood of Air, so you need to buy AB.

Magmar needs spirit and Lavaslasher, so buy core and AB.

Abyssian needs a LOT of spirit and Punish so you’ll want to buy core and RotB.


Without Blood of Air, Repulsar Beast or Ethereal Shroud are perfectly fine substitutes . Vet appreciates Blood of Air but it can function perfectly fine without it.


If you plan on playing vetruvian, be wary of Vanar’s Flawless Reflection spell if they’re playing as Faie. If you place 3 minions surrounding them into a corner (one being an obelisk) then they can reflect the minions to surround them into that corner with you being at a loss should you not have any ranged damage to get past your obelisks.


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