Haven't played game since October


I used to play quite often, but got a bit burned out. I played aggro Songhai with

this deck. How hard has it gotten nerfed? What are some new cards I should use? What has changed since then?


The only real Nerf since then would be to mana vortex, where it no longer draws you a card at the end of your turn, and lantern fox, which now only has 3 health. Lantern fox is still okay, although mana vortex isn’t very good now. Besides that, the newest expansion have Songhai some good, interesting cards (although bland, such as cobra strike) which could support your deck, such as cobra strike in conjunction with spell damage and such.


Cobra strike isn’t bland it’s just a setup for storm kage


Wait, is Storm Kage a non-meme viable card?


It’s as viable as prismatic serpenti


Ah. Not, ok.


But, jests aside your deck looks like a standard Songhai deck except lacking card draw mechanics other than heavens eclipse and a high curve. I’d take out the ghost lightning and include some sojourner, blaze hounds, or spell jammers.


420 hounds sound like a good idea.


They’re always a good idea


Aight, thanks for the help.


Always glad to make ladder harder than it is already


You seem to be a memey guy. I like you.


This is the deck I’ve started building. I liked the Panddo meme.


Panddo is real. Get yourself a couple of Onyx Bear Seals to tell Kelaino to chill out. Would also recommend trying Ethereal Blades and more Jux if you can get them.


What would you recommend replacing?


Mostly Deathstrike, Spiral and Shrouds. The opportunity cost of Shrouds is too high to justify- and OBS is just far more flexible. Deathstrike is a fine card, especially with Panddo, but without going all in on it with 3 Panddos and 3 Eclipses, it’ll chug. Jux gives you better options for positioning, Blades gives you another murderizor spell.
You could probably cut one of the Mist Dragon Seals for another Jux. And I would definitely cut Spiral Technique- since Zendo already rounds out your heavy burst.


Strong memes.


To be honest if you liked Songhai you will like new Magmar too. It’s pretty much the same stuff but much easier to play.


Yeah, but I have almost no spirit so I need to reuse cards.


Magmar is not very expensive but cards from the new expansion are must have. Sorry that I can’t help you I don’t really płay Songhai.
Edit: I faced control Reva on the ladder, well she rekt me. She was playing Geomancers, Spears and Cobra Strike I think. Seemed like a good deck.