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Hatefurnance arcanyst fun deck

Not great, not competitive, I know. I though of this deck (even though I have seen there were early attemps I want some feedback on mine) and wanted to share it with you guys; maybe the focus on lorewaver gives a bit too much rng BUT synergy feels too good :stuck_out_tongue:. There is a heavy reliance on buffs to be able to deal damage and they eat a whole lot of the deck implying your hand could get stuck with them. My main way to get through the game is explointing the most out of every spell whenever it’s possible (If I have razor skin on hand at the start I search for a way to swarm a bit, if it is diretide frenzy I try to get a minion alive through my oponent’s turn and then stack the buffs on him, …); you guys know how to play and I don’t think this is brilliant, but this kind of play it’s quite good for some shits & giggles.

I will appreciate any kind of feedback.

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Rhacker made an Arcanyst Hatefurnace list too:

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Some general advice (in rough order of importance):

  • it’s generally agreed that you need at least 9 minions that cost 2 or less, to ensure that you have a turn one play. Sometimes you can get away with 8, but you only have 5, which is way too few.
  • Primal Ballast is a pretty bad spell in general, but especially so for an Arcanyst deck in which you’re relying so much on your minion’s abilities.
  • Aethermaster is not really an Arcanyst in that despite the tribal tag, her ability doesn’t synergize with what Arcanysts want to be doing (i.e., spell shenanigans). Hence, she usually isn’t used in Arcanyst decks. The same is true for Lightbender, although there the power level is at least reasonable enough to play the card on its own.
  • Trinity Wing is one of the best neutral Arcanysts and should be an auto-include.

More broadly, I would suggest untangling some of the themes here so as to increase the focus of your deck. If you want to go wide with Arcanysts, really up your 2-drop count and include some more global buffs like Kinetic Equilibrium (or maybe just drop Hatefurnace entirely and throw in swarm support like Kujata and Progenitor). If you want a grindier control deck, include more healing and more of the powerful Arcanyst 5-drops.

Here’s some more refined takes on Magmar Arcanysts for reference:

RHacker’s Arcanyst Hatefurnace (Boronian already linked to his writeup of this deck above. You could substitute Thraex for Minos and Loreweaver for Lightbender as desired.)

AlphaCentury’s Arcanyst Tribal

Hatefurnace is really fun. Really good idea running some arcanysts for quicker spell play. Love the idea!

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