Happy new year! New to forum here!


Greetings everyone!
In my country we’ve recently entered a new year so cheers for everyone! I’m Arkland, also known as Lonebee, call me whatever that suits you. Well, I’m quite new to the game (only 4 days ago I think) and to the forum of course so I intend to say hi to all members here. I’m also looking for a sparring partner or two, rank doesn’t matter truly as both low and high rank can be a good experience for me. Add me up if you’re interested! Just say hi and let me know when you see me online. Have a good day!

IGN: Arkland
Timezone : GMT +7 sometimes +8 (I have two homes I guess)


Welcome to the forums arkland! Glad to have you around :smiley: What faction are you running currently?


I’ve built Vetruvian and Magmar deck, both have different gameplay but interestingly powerful to my opinion!


Greetings Brother Arkland, a believer in the glory of vetruvian is always welcome among the ranks of the Vetruvian Imperium!

abyssianists please stay in your corner


@mmf I’m honored to achieve a welcoming hand from a fellow Vetruvian :smile:


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