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Happy DOOMsday! (Free Kickstarter Skins + Other Exclusives for All)

Dear the Best Game Community for the Best Card Game,

So, it will all be over soon™. Although this outcome was inevitable, it was still a horrible blow when I read the announcement, as I’m sure it was to all of you.

Duelyst is truly the best card game ever made, and Bandai Namco was extremely foolish to let it die like this. But the end of Duelyst is even more saddening to me because of the loss of this community.

I would like to take this time to apologize for some of my past actions on these Forums… most notably, the DOOMsday Clock. Even if my negativity was justified, I was annoying and provocative, and I am ashamed of that. I am sorry to all those whom I came into conflict with.

On the flipside, I would like to thank all of you one last time. It was really fun to write the Poll-Ventures with you (I wish I could do one more, but sadly my schedule is much too busy now), and to see all of your creative designs in the Word-to-Card Contest (which I will run one last time, if anyone is in the mood for it). I may not actually be your Chief of Communication, but this community does mean a lot to me. Thank you.

And now I would like to give something back to you all, even if it is a transient gift.

Will do. I added Dogehai to my account for free, as the below screenshot, @bepoest, and @alplod can attest to:

This is permanent (until Feb 27), can be used in online games and appears to your opponent, and is very easy to obtain. Here’s how to unlock all exclusive skins (this includes Sarlac Prime, Dogehai, Twitch Prime Healing Mystic, and the exclusive card backs):

  1. Navigate to the duelyst.js file (in the Duelyst folder on your computer, go to \resources\app\src\duelyst.js).
  2. Hit Ctrl-F to open the finder and replace all instances of “purchasable:!1” with “purchasable:!0”.
  3. Enter the game, go to the shop, and you will see the exclusive skins there. Buy them for 3000 spirit each to add them to your collection.

And now, for a couple of suspiciously optimistic words from the most pessimistic person on the Forums:

Although we may never see the likes of Duelyst again, Counterplay still owns the IP, so there is a modicum of hope for the far, far future. Additionally, we will always have access to the fabulous Duelyst music on Spotify (I’m listening to it right now, actually), and parts of this community will still live on on Discord.

Speaking of Discord, I would be honored to have more of you join my new Discord server, if you are interested. Especially if you enjoy game development (any aspect of it), as I am trying to create an environment for sharing such ideas and getting feedback from others.

But that’s enough self-advertisement. Have fun in this wonderful game while there’s still time, and enjoy your shiny new previously-exclusive skins!



I’ve always wanted that Sarlac skin, at least I can have it for a little while. thanks very much!


And I will add that to the wiki because it belongs there :slight_smile: Thanks!


Since when is that already possible? Was that your little secret? :wink:


It was. I thought it may have been too volatile to divulge earlier (I was probably wrong), but now literally nothing matters anyway, so…!


to think i started a dumspter fire thread about dogehai long ago… i didnt know it was that easy to get lmao
holy shit this is blowing my mind


I followed your guide and now I don’t have the default emotes anymore :smiley:

It says I have to buy them in the shop. Haven’t looked for them there. Will do so tomorrow.


Oh, really? :joy:

I must admit this guide was very untested… I only enabled Dogehai for myself initially, not everything.


But after you buy skins you can revert your duelyst.js file and get your emotes back.

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No. I’ll buy them to be the only person who crafted their default emotes :joy:


It also prevents you from getting any crates (and from switching your background in the main menu). So I reverted the changes as you proposed (but after crafting default emotes) :smiley:

Edit: Though I didn’t know how to revert the change other by replacing everything again but then you can’t buy anything anymore. So I will do that after I completed my collection on stream :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, that’s just a lovely farewell present!

It gave me Dogehai, Dark Spelljammer and Rogue Argeon (and one card back but whatever :smiley: )


Do you need the original duelyst.js file? I have it backed up somewhere if you do.

EDIT: Oh-oh. For some reason, all of my backup folders are mysteriously empty except for “All Factions Unlocked, Broken Mythrons, Kickstarter Skins.” I cannot revert the changes either! :sweat_smile:

Does anyone have duelyst.js?

You are very welcome!

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If you’re using the standalone client, all you need to do is click the “repair” button found on the upper right of the launcher. This will revert all changes, though, so you’ll have to add back in any modifications you want, like for example T2k5’s scripts (but it won’t remove any cosmetics from your collection).


There is no way to get the exclusive emotes? :thinking:

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Maybe I should repair Duelyst because it got kinda buggy :joy: :



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this is pretty hilarious tho. i wonder how hard we can break the client


They don’t even need to shut the game down, we can destroy it ourselves!


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