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Happy Birthday Duelyst and myself!


Happy anniversary of your birth!


If anyone here wants to play chess message me.




Summons soon :sirpenti:


Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Is this a chess thread now :grin:?


Happy birthday flygon! That is a really nice name origin though.

While we’re on the subject of chess,

Also, your birthday is on official-end-of-Korean-War-day!


Thanks Isbee, Humancalc and Excog.

I guess.


WOW, i would like to play that
Also, who is up for a game of chess


I sure as hell am!

and yes, the London akyline chess set is crazy cool.


Wow, the set is beautiful!

But everything is a rook, it seems…


What do you mean by everything is a rook?


Rook is usually represented as a tower. Most pieces are towers here.


Ah but what part of the skyline isn’t?


Sure, just kidding.

But in reality, any creative Chess set confuses me while playing. I mean, it’s hard to remember which piece is what.

Also, I suck at chess. No burn there, I can’t play the game.


I just memorize the starting positions.

@alexx55 message me when ready.


I’ll just plop this here…

My chess .com username is…

Those who wish to slaughter me can challenge me whenever…lol.


Happy birthday, Flygon! Hard to believe you’re only just now fourteen, you seem wise beyond your years, as they say, to me. Hope you had a good one.


Same for me, really.


Can we rename this as the official Chess.com fan thread?

Oh, and anybody up for a game of chess?


Ahahaha Thanks, many people have said this to me and it’s a combination of being a fast learner, being brought up in an extremely academic family and picking up little bits of info.