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Happy Birthday Duelyst and myself!


Today is the 27th as of 27/04/2018 and I live in Ireland so it’s GMT +0. This day not only marks the anniversary of Duelyst’s full release but also the 14th anniversary of my birth.

I have never done an actual introduction topic for myself I kinda was just here one day and scared @galaxydueler most of you should recognise me as I’m probably the most prolific Vanar main on the forums and the most frequent poster but for those of you who don’t, welcome back or welcome to the forums!

Duelyst holds a special place in my heart as I was introduced to this game because of my fav (poketuber)youtuber at the time who was named Foofootoo, I have played and built skill in card games since I was 8 or so and I always loved games.with boards (I.E I LOVE chess). It is also a game which I have sunk thousands if not tens of thousands hours into it, I even have an account that is well over 2 years old.

I also happen to really love consistentcy in cardgames and the replace mechanic adds to that, I truly feel like this is what makes Duelyst what it is.

It maybe hard to tell but I was actually once a Magmar main and hated Vanar but after taking Vanar to SRank I slowly started to love the faction, I love everything about it, the fact that it takes from Celtic mythology, the control playstyle, the faction mechanics and even little things like the aspect spells fitting with how I was named.

I’m the third child of two architects who live in Cork but where born in Limerick and London respectively, I have one brother and one sister, we were all named after something in Irish and I was named after Tuan Mac Cairill who is a shapeshifter in Irish mythology. It wasn’t even my parents who named me but instead my grandad and as Tuan Mac Cairill was a shapeshifter transform mechanics has always resonated with me.

I can’t seem to fit these into their own paragraphs amd have the whole thing feel fluid and I.have already been at this for half.an hour so I’m gonna leave some common questions here, feel free to ask me more questions!

What genres of music do I like?: I found loud music hard to listen to as they hurt my ears so I listen to mostly jazz, celtic and classical, although I may listen to louder genres (I.E I’m starting to like nightcore)

What do I want to do in the future?: As my parents amd my grandad where all architects I feel like it’s only natural for me to follow that path, not to mention that I really like it.

My favourite factions in order?: Vanar > Vetruvian > Magmar > Abyssian > Songhai > Lyonar, I like all of them this is just in the order of how much I like to play them.

My other hobbies?: Currently I’m doing running in and out of school (maybe in the future I get to run marathons with my farther), I’m really into photography and I plan on taking classes this also gives me a niche which isn’t common for architects, if it’s Eternal to Yugioh I would probably like the card game, I actually find swimming the most enjoyable sport but I don’t want to get competitive with it and I also love chess as it’s really balanced.

Sorry if this is too long but feel free to use this thread as a Q&A for me and even a venue to celebrate the full release of duelyst.


Woohoo happy 14th! That name origin is amazing man, really cool.

Also teach me chess I’m aggressively mediocre at it


I’m also somewhat mediocre at it but I’m quickly improving.

Sadly I haven’t taken out my London skyline chess set out in awhile.


Hello! Welcome to the Duelyst forums! …:sirpenti:

Yaya, I are heeeelarious…

Anyway, it’s good to have you around! Thanks for sharing some of your interesting life with us. I thoroughly enjoy the humanity of fellow players being expressed, because it is important to remember we are much more than a username.

I used to play chess with @seraphicreaper on chess .com…if anyone uses that site and wants to play me, PM me the relevant information. He was really good at it and I improved some playing him. I should check on him and see how he is doing…


wanna chess


hbd Tuan and Duelyst! c:
i appreciate what you’ve written and shared here.

i wish you the best in all your endeavors ^^




Happy birthday, pal. Glad to have you around and I hope you’ll have an awesome day.

I forgive you for being a Vanar main for today.


Welp, happy Bday to you both, Enjoy this great day!Did someone say CHESS?


Happy birthday! :tada:


funny how this doubles as a reverse introduction, as if you were introducing newcomers to yourself and the forum lol

Happy birthday flygon!
Share your photographic works sometime, Im not exactly in those trenches but Im like five feet away from being in those trenches, if you know what i mean


Hah, I still remember when you were new to the forums and complaining about not getting the new player rewards b/c you had downloaded the game like a year ago and weren’t able to open it for some unknown reason.

Haaah, how far you’ve come


14 trips around the sun, congrats. We’re tied.


Have a nice birthday!


We have somewhat same similarities: Exposure to architecture (currently struggle to finish Architecture master’s class), chess and duelyst enthusiast, and great choice in music. Still, I can’t believe you’re 14 years old… Seems much older than that inside.

Anyway, happy birthday dude and I hope you’re having such a blast day.


I know its a bit late, and I wasnt sure to say this or not because I already said it, but happy birthday man! Im pretty happy to hear you are enjoying ncore, and i have plenty of awesome ncore versions of songs if u want to hear em. ( found em, not made em)


Happy birthday!
oh and, Chess was balanced? Really? I always wanted them to nerf da queen, but for some reason my local chess club kicked me out.

lol it seems like Duelyst was practically made for chess enthusiasts.
anyone wanna play a game with me? I’m fairly bad at it.


Thanks all, for anyone aho wants to play me in chess I will get on chess.com after school.

@isbee No, you’re not the only one.
@loliconartist No need to shout, I passed out! Please send me the tunes.
@alexx55 Yes, someone did say chess.
@ryousen I have in the past on the old meme thread but I would like to be more active with posting them.
@mmf I don’t know why but for some reason the launcher refused to work and I was unaware of the browser version, now I don’t even use thw browser.
@neme6ix Ahahaha, good luck, my mother has almost finished her masters and my farther has recently done his.
@fr0stfyre1 I’m surprised that you thought this, chess is a very, very popular game.


yeah i know, I used to go to chess culbs quite a bit before. It’s incredibly fun so long as you don’t lose.


Now, the official Happy Birthday wish from me to you, @epicflygon!