Hai! I'm Mogwai!


My account got put on hold inmediately after my first post, due to the excessive use of caps lmaoo
My name is Miguel, one day I decided to open up a YouTube and go by the name of Mogwai, in honor of the kawaii creatures from the gremlins :smiley:

I’ve been playing and uploading Duelyst content for over a year, and i’m pumped to see the forums come back (was never the biggest Reddit fan haha)! I Like the color blue, long walks on the beach, and yelling gazpacho and profanities when I figure out lethal.

Cya brehs around!

PS.- I have a YT and Twitch, I guess i’ll link them here!


Hey, I really enjoy to watch your videos, you’re helping a lot this community. Keep doing it. :grin::+1:


Thanks a lot buddy! :smiley:


Obligatory Mogwai image -


Honestly, just post that picture, YT and twitch links, and your intro is done.


Hey, love your videos man. I really learn a lot from them keep up the good work. :+1:


I guess a picture is worth more than 1000 words haha :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks bro! I really appreciate it <3


No mention of our lord and savior tho lol


Hey Mogwai, recently started watching you on YouTube and finally started watching Twitch. Can’t wait until I’m further into the game. Hopefully you’re still playing by then cause I’d love to face you. Though right now I’d get crushed XD


Welcome! As has already been said I really enjoy watching your videos, and love how you are so fun and jovial when you play Duelyst. Keep doing what you are doing!


Hey Mog!!! So excited official forums are back and all y’all streamers are going to be around. Managlow/duelystforums never felt like as nice.


Now I finally know the origins of the name Mogwai. Welcome to the forums bro. :slight_smile:


Senpai notice me :imp:


Sempai is here! (Couldn’t resist posting this image, I’m so sorry)


Reminds me of Fantasica online ccg XD


Can’t see the similarity, honestly speak, but hey I never played it.
The gif is from VA-11 Hall-A in case you’re interested.


I’ve probably watched 12 animes in my entire life, but by far my favorites were Gurren Laggen, One Piece, and Gate (the one with Rory Mercury)


Oh so you want to discuss animes on Mogwai’s intro post, do you?

Ok, so here I go. People should watch: Akira, Ping Pong the Animation, Bakuman, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, Eyeshield 21, No Game No Life, Shokugeki, Haikyu, Shirobako, Berserk.
(One Piece should be read instead of watched, you’re missing a ton of hidden story elements this way.)


Thanks a lot Alex! :smiley: