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Who said “Duelyst is not Dead” is dead !


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old news… really freakin old. better check when the announcment by @rhacker93 or @boronian was made about this
EDIT: Check out Duelspot, thats where the new info is getting put. Or wiki, always check the good old wiki


what did i just read?

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FYI that article is still up here: https://thebadmagmar.wordpress.com/2018/06/30/duelyst-is-not-dead/

but yes I do also share your sentiment in finding it funny/ironic that the person who wrote it dropped the domain because it ended up untrue. Don’t blame them though tbh, sometimes you get told something and you trust that it’s true, and leaving for greener pastures is fair game.


It’s more alive than my sex life.


Like @niklaren said, only the domain is parked, all the articles are still up under the older domain thebadmagmar.

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Saw this thread and was expecting it to be about the 1 year anniversary of Trials of Mythron


The Mythron meta is already a year old?

…that’s brutal

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