Guide To Spirit


Hey, I’m a relatively new player and I am having a hard time knowing which cards to dismantle for spirit and which ones to craft. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I play mostly Magmar if that helps.


Look up Duelyst Crafting/Disenchanting guides. They will tell you what is safe to disenchant(rarely or never playes) and what cards you should focus on crafting(staple cards that work in most decks/extremely powerful cards that define a faction)


Thank you. I’ll go do that.


Make Sojourners as your first rares, and Spelljammers as your first Legendaries xD Everything else you’ll figure out from guides or seeing what the best cards are from watching players.

For Mag, it’s all about Makantor Warbeast, Thumping Wave, Egg Morph, and Flash Reincarnation.

Taygette is also sweet (type “core rare” into the crafting menu search box to see all of the cards you have craft 3x of to get her- two of them are above, an Elucidator is somethimes good too.) Mandrake is similarly sweet (it will increase the relative powerlevel of your deck, especially early on because of how minion based Duelyst is.)

Goodluck! (Don’t Plasma Storm me, bro!)