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Guess who's back, Back again


Hey guys, a lots changed in my life, but I still love card games and shadowverse wasn’t doing it for me anymore. I got an itch to play dooly during a study hall on my chromebook, me and @cloudfrog started chatting, and I realized I can come back to the forums during free time at school safely. So here I am!!
I’d love to update you all on how I’m doing and start hangin out here again, so here goes:

I’m in 10th grade, still working on getting valedictorian (Geometry is the worst though)

I’ve gotten into keyforge (Really great game if you have time for physical CCG and a good local scene) and made a bunch of friends at the LGS

I’m doing fencing and am going to start competing soon

I had a girlfriend for like a week (Woo) and then she dumped me for an emo kid that cuts himself with curious george safety scissors :confused: , that lasted for a week and then she dumped him and tried to come back to me so I’m kinda lost on what she wants, just avoiding her now

I have watched the entirety of Jojo’s so that I can understand the references

Thank you for coming to my ted talk
(I’m so glad to be back)


aaaye welcome back :smiley:


Galaxy plays Shadowverse? Maybe that’s why you got dumped.


.>be me
.>come back to forums where i expect a warm welcome
.>get roasted
thank you halcyon




Welcome back :grinning:

Are we all doomed now?



He’s back, we are DOOMed :sob:

EDIT. Stupid me, didn’t read the comment above :confused:


Welcome home. :smile:

You have friends here who will always be willing to talk.


Thank you friend


Welcome back! Read the hidden text


I forgot how to do that oh no


Hit the quote button


where though?




I thought you were better than this


how cute :joy: But it had to be done tho


Imagine doing geometry in 10th grade what a scrub lol :slight_smile:


Awesome that you’re back!

ps. Oraoraoraoraora


Ffs, the first thing you do is mention me.


MINION! You’ve been gone so long! How I’ve missed you so…

Now get over here and receive your punishment for your extended absence.

There’s more to come, but that can be forgiven. I’ll forgive the rest of your sins if you go to THIS post and vote against Isbee. Time is of the essence, young one.