Guess the movie


I was originally thinking about making a theme deck based on a movie, but figured it would be terrible, so I thought, why not make a list of cards and let people try to guess. Here’s one that should be easy.

If you have a favourite movie, feel free to make a list so I can have a go at guessing!

Duelyst Cinema (Movie Night)

Could we get a hint please, I’m tempted to say that Harry Potter movie sinceSpoilers Sirius falls through the veil, Harry drinks some things, and the evil nemesis comes back


i haven’t got the slightest idea from seeing the deck XD.


Keeper of the vale is a donkey


oh, its shrek isnt it?


15 characters


how is that shrek? lol



Kaorin: Osaka, what are you doing?
Osaka: You know those tiny bubbles inside your eyes you sometimes catch?
[Kaorin sits patiently waiting for the answer]
Osaka: Yeah, I’m trackin’ them down as we speak.


dark nemesis is shrek
as he said keeper is donkey
and suntide maiden is fiona
not sure what sundrop elixer is for, maybe the sun based curse on fiona?

anyways i got a new movie for you

i was wondering if i should add as many characters as i could, but decided the most recognizable would be least confusing
hint:remove the sword from grincher


Lion king? [15]


indeed it is the lion king

thought it might be too hard if i included the hyenas, scar, rafiki, and others, but i guess i made it too easy


HOW IS THAT LION KING lol… guess i suck at this XD


Since I can’t open Bagoum (:frowning:) you people can skip me and make a new movie deck


Pumba, Timon & Simba :wink:


yeah, bagoums deckbuilder doesnt work in firefox. i have to open it in chrome to get it to work
i kinda wanted to make another one, but with bagoum i cant do cross faction deckbuilding :frowning2:


It worked on firefox for me until today


the main website works for me on firefox, but when i try to open the deck builder it crashes firefox every time.


Let the creator know. I belive he still does show up on discord every once in a while, so shoot him a message. I don’t think he’d mind some feedback.


Elixir is the happily ever after potion


Here’s another one:

Feel free to post a book, tv show, or anything else if you’d like to, though no guarantees I’ll be able to guess it.