Guardians of Aperion: A Vanar thread


your dream is really expensive


As most dreams are…


This is the Arcanyst Kara I threw together and I found it to work reasonably well. It tends to swarm the board with unending numbers of (buffed) illusions while annoying the opponent with some spell-based disruption. It’s pretty straight forward and more aggressive than most similar decks I encountered.

I’m a bit short on time and am working on too many decks simultaneously to have tested it properly, though :neutral_face:


Seems good but I think it can flood your hand way too easily. Circulus is good, but It can be tricky to play Loremaster and Trinity Wing as they function as draw too. Corona as well, as it will overdraw if you play it with a Circulus on board.

You can maybe swap Trinity in the 5 spot for something else, or running 1-2 copies instead of 3. The body is not that good for a 5 drop, and as I said, it can be really tricky to play Trinity if your hand is full all the time.


So, I managed to reach Rank S using my new Force of Nature deck - Yey :smile:

And with a pretty good winrate too, it went like 65 - 70% or something close to it I think? I’ll check it later because I’m in work right now.

Now, after a couple games in S rank I felt that the deck wasn’t performing so well as it was in Diamond. I’ve to test it more, but for now, I decided to build a Faie version of Force of Nature to play in S rank:

Again, I’ll not cover the details as I’m planning to make a dedicated post. I managed to play 5 games with it today and went 4-1.

Observation: One o these wins was a surrender at the first turn, from a opponent that I managed to defeat earlier using this same deck (he used the sleepy emote, so I guess that my deck is really annoying to play against).

Rant: I’ll not justificate anything because I see a loss as a loss. If I lost, is because I played poorly and my opponent played better, nothing else, but I need to vent a little. The one loss is due a missplay (I played 2 emblas, just imagine the board state) and, surprise, surprise, I got caught by a Spectral Revenant. I feel like 60% of my loses playing these decks comes from rush minions or out of hand damage, seriously, is really frustrating manage to build a whole board trying to trap the enemy / create distance and then losing like this :disappointed:

But ok, enought of this!

Well, for now I’ll keep testing and polishing both versions. If everything goes ok, the dedicated post will come out this week :smiley:


Hmm, don’t you find that the vesper synergy in your list is a little weak? Running only 2 of those 2-dmg-bots with no other Vesps than the bonechills, I can’t imagine it’ll be very consistent. Is it a dead card often?

Unless you just wanted some synergy with cyro…


This is the decklist I was messing with tonight:

Although I don’t have gravity well, so I did +2 Dioltas, +1 Spirit of the Wild.

Had a pretty solid run tonight:


Also I think this will start popping up more and more. Pylons’ Arcanyst Faie:

Pretty powerful and fairly cheap to piece together.


That’s exactly the list from bagoum just saying


What decklists are you guys using? Are there even any other Vanar mains?

It is the one off bagoum, never said it wasn’t and I even listed on the 2nd post credited person who created the deck list.


talking the first post the one from Maser decklist you didn’t mention him


Hover over the image, it reads “Masor-disruption.png”.


Yes, I was just messing with the old Cryo - Glacial Elemental - Bonechill combo. I used to run this combo in the first version of the deck, back in Shimzar, but the nerf to Cryogenesis made me drop it.

I was testing if the combo could still be good with a little of ramp with Mana Deathgrip. I’ll probably just drop it for more consistent cards.


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