Guardians of Aperion: A Vanar thread


So, multiple other factions and generals have a thread like this, so I figured I would create one for Vanar as well. What do people think of the new cards? What decklists are you guys using? Are there even any other Vanar mains?

Here’s the Kara decklist I’ve been using since the expansion:

Haven’t had much of a chance to refine it yet, but it’s quite fun to play.


To be fair, no one has refined lists right now. :wink: But it looks like fun!


What’s the success level, and how high have you played it? I built one today but haven’t tried it out yet.


I’m only in high silver rn, so the winrate doesn’t really mean much, but it’s at about 80-90%.


Yesterday I have been playing this Arcanyst Kara deck that went between 60% to 70% win rate in low diamond.

But now I’m enjoying the ramping memes with this one. I haven’t played much with it yet but I am at a positive win rate.


Vanar main here!

I came back from a hiatus just for this expansion. The new cards are really cool and fun! I’m messing around with some decks, guess I’ll post it here if someone want to give a try / suggestions / etc.

Right now I’m messing with a artifact Faie deck. It’s not super reliable but it’s super fun.

I’m at a very good win rate using this list, but as I said, i came back yesterday, so I’m at silver near gold atm. I’ll try to climb this season, so I want to test it in Diamond / S later.

Here’s a video to showcase.

I’m working in other 3-4 decks for both Faie and Kara. I’ll try to post them here when I test them a bit more :smiley:


I see you have winter blade and cold bitter why not complete the set and get the new Artifact. Cold bitter counter as ur generals attack and winter stuns them so if they proc at the same time any minion near you should instantly die.

Soloish faie is a fun engaging deck… For the owner that is lol


Pretty ambitious to be playing Kara, how does the change to her BBS feel? Do you see obvious changes or none at all?

Btw kudos to @wardl for using Rook. It may be faie, but it’s still okay


This was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the new artifact, but the combo don’t works. Winter Blade and Coldbiter proc as usual, but minions affected by it dont instantly die if you have the gauntlet equiped too. I tested it.

It’s really a shame :confused:


Now she can play Myriad :smiling_imp:


Okay but what about the following turn when the minionsare stunned those the cold bitter proc destroy it?


No, they just keep stunned from the Winterblade proc and take 2 damage from Coldbiter proc. The gauntlet don’t works, I guess that it just applies when your general uses the attack command probably, but this kills all the potential of this card.


It is, maybe it’s actually a bug… could be worth reporting it.


I don’t think it’s a bug because the word choices are different.

See, Coldbiter says “general deals 2 damage”, and Winterblade says “minions damaged by your general”, so this works just fine. Another example is White Asp “whenever your general destroys”, it works too because Coldbiter can kill the minions dealing 2 damage.

Now, Iceshatter Gauntlet says “whenever your general attacks”. It’s diferent from “deal damage” and “destroy”, it implies that you general must execute the attack command.

So I think it’s not a bug, just a card design flaw.


There is a major difference, it means your Illusionists are sometimes 3/4, and Blue Conjurer becomes a 5/7. Definitely a helpful buff.


Hey guys, quick question. I’m building vanar arcanyst deck and I’m wondering. When I have prism illusionist and owlbeast out and I cast a spell, do my tokens summoned this turn get the buff or not. Thanks.


Only the tokens currently on board get the buff, not ones yet to be summoned.
Owlbeast sage does make the tokens 2/3 when summoned, so if you cast two spells you would get a 2/3 and a 2/5.


Hello guys! Today a want to share my absolute favorite deck in Duelyst: Winter’s Wake wallnar.

I used to call it “Force of Nature”.

I made the first list back when Shimzar was released and I’ve been playing and refining it even since. Now with Ancient Bonds released, the list is funnier and stronger than never before :smiling_imp:


This is a very strange and personal deck to be honest. I always liked to play control, stall games and use a bunch of spells, so the list is very into my playstyle. I’ll not give too much details as I’m still refining this list and I plan to make a dedicated post to it like the past version of it to write a whole explanation of the deck.

All in all, Loreweaver and Ghost Seraph are now my absolute favorite cards from this expansion. Here are some highlights to showcase:



There was a double Winter’s Wake with Ghost Seraph too, I’ll try to find it later :smiley:

EDIT: I just replaced the 2 Trinity Wing for +1 Lady Locke and 1 Aspect of the Mountains. Trinity Wing is a wonderfull card, but I feel that it shines better in arcanyst focused decks. My deck already have enough hand flood with Circulus, Corona and Loreweaver, so I just made Lady Locke more consistent and added another form of AoE that have a great sinergy with walls.


This is the super greedy Arcanyst / Wall / Replace Control Kara I’ve been messing with since the expansion came:

I like to call it Cold Dream

The dream of the matter is to play Embla + 0 mana WW + BBS with a Ghost Seraphim on the board, as you can see done here: Who's created the craziest board?.

With everyone experimenting like crazy, this actually gave me a 15 win streak on Diamond (it’s unfortunately over now :cry:)

PS: I friggin love Circulus!


The dream is real