Growanar New faction idea


I have been working on this new faction idea for awhile , but I do need help for new ideas and balancing some cards so suggestions are wanted. The main theme of the faction is a plant-type race called Growanar (name isn’t finalized). They have a couple signature moves up their sleeve , one called evolve which after a turn the minion played you can choose a predetermined minion a choice of two or more to evolve it into. Another unique mechanic they have is birth where minion or structure with that keyword will spawn a certain minion nearby them at the end of the turn it was played. Another mechanic is plantpods which upon activation or destruction will damage all units or heals all units around it. And for now the last unique mechanic is the keyword rooted which minions cant be dispelled or moved by the enemy.

The two generals for this faction are:
Groovian slyvanus BB spell: summon a planting nearby ur general
leafetraa terra: summon a plantpod a space nearby your general


1/1 one mana core
evolve: change into on of three choices at the end of your next turn
the three choices are as following: plantling zealot 3/2, plantling vanguard 1/4, planting hunter 1/1 ranged.

-/- 6 mana
Opening gambit: every enemy minion loses 1/1 and all stats taken away now go to ingrainer as base strength

sap sucker
3/3 4 mana
gains +1/1 for every plant pod activated while on the board

roots of the well
2/4 3 mana
bloodsurge: heals general +1 and adds +0//1 to all minions

mawvilenean growth
2/6 5 mana
deals double damage to anything with lower health than it and every kill gains it +0/2

elder tree 0/10
6 mana cores
birth 2x: at the end of your turn spawn two plantlings nearby (structure)

young elder tree 0/6
3 mana cores
birth: at the end of your turn spawn one planting nearby (structure)
acient sky one 3/4 4 mana cores
opening gambit: spawn 3 plantlings in a 5x5 grid around it (flying)

caretaker 1/1
2 mana cores
(flying) can activate plant pods

grand caretaker 1/2
3 mana cores
(flying) (celebrity) can activate plant pods

elder plantling 2/4
3 mana cores
dying wish:drops plantling upon death

spore carrier 2/1
3 mana cores
dying wish: drops two plant pods nearby and one on death tile

curse rotted great wood 2/12
7 mana cores
(provoke) when attacked half damage dealt to this minion is dealt back to attacker

growthling 2/2
2 mana cores
dying wish: drops plantling on death

mossed guardian 1/4
2 mana cores
(provoke) (rooted) (structure)

overgrown guardian 3/8
5 mana cores
(provoke) (rooted) (structure)

great sky one 4/6
7 mana cores
opening gambit: spawns 5 plantlings on a 5x5 grids nearby (flying)

Well of life
4 mana cores
immedatally grows all plantlings with +1 health

oververdant growth
4 mana cores
give all evolved plantlings +2/2 this turn.

structural enchantment
2 mana cores
all structures can move

cursed growth
2 mana cores
summon 2 non evolving plantlings near eachother

giving tree
1 mana core
give any minion +birth til end of turn

beheamothian growth
3 mana cores
combine 3 plantlings into a plantling behemoth which is a 4/8

verdant growth
2 mana cores
give all minions +1/1

If this where ever to be implanted as an expansion pack of some sort I had ideas of neutral minions that could go with not only this faction but also with other factions and add to current arctypes with weak support or create new ones

iron vanguard
3/7 6 mana
(structure) (warmaster) all structures in the board (including walls) can move one space and have +1/1

1/2 5 mana
anytime anything gains a buff this minion gains +1/1

thinking of more minions and I have a new faction in the kitchen cooking currently and I think its gonna be better and more well thought out than this one


The wording on this is pretty hard to read to be honest and the layout, seems like druid with duelyst elements in them. Maybe try reorganizing this thread a little


sorry about that I was kinda rushing if u have a suggestion on what would make it easier to read tell me


Some pretty cool ideas, I really like the organic theme which hasnt really had any showing yet. I love the growing theme (like actual growth and maturing not just +1/1 at the end of turn) and the grown versions are super cool.

As for formatting honestly I think a simple

“Horizontal Rule” (3rd option from the right side)would work wonders to make different categories easier to distinguish.

Blablalbalba 2 mana 2/2
Blalbalbalba 10 mana 1/28 provoke

spellsplspl 9 Mana -destroy your general
spellsoell 4 Mana- destroy the enemy general

There have been a ton of good ideas thrown around and if CP ever does decide to include more factions, I am sure they will do a good job as usual.

Concept art


I defiantly have to say that is exactly how a picture these minions expect like humanoids but with that mouth thing as a head.


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