Grow Magmar [ NOT A DECK ]


Hey guys !
I STILL don’t know how to properly build a deck ( or is it that I don’t know how to play ? )
So, I decided to be a lazy sloth and ask you if you had advices on how to make a GrowMar deck. Or if you have one right away.
Thanks !


The key pieces are flash + kujata + moloki + gro + Kolossus. Not sure how to go from there though.


I would have taken Grimrock too, isn’t it a good card ?


Grimrock is not the best but not that bad.
After one turn is only a slightly better Hailstone Golem but can be dispelled. Really needs to grow twice for good value. Having it grow safely twice and then reach the opponent can be hard. A bit too slow for most people. If you have a moloki on the field a Grimrock is good.


Gromar is very reliant on getting the Moloki huntress early, making it very inconsistent. I would suggest running a midrange vaath with only the best grow cards.


In all honesty the most viable way to make grow work is to ramp out a Chrysalis burst and hope a moloki and kolossus hatches.


I recently used the below deck for laddering to S-rank. I think that realistically this the maximum amount of grow cards you can get away with - 9 total, so nearly a quarter of the deck.

I tried versions with Grimrock, but he always felt not quite good enough.

It’s a pretty fun deck to play, as you have lots of tempo early on, and a lot of cards which will get out of hand if your opponent doesn’t kill them quickly. The Huntress/Kolossus combo comes off a lot :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks guys ! I’m going to try to focus on crafting those cards for the time being.