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Grow deck or idea for grow deck


somebady have idea or deck for grow ?


[Big Bois]MTo0MDEsMzo0MDIsMzo0MDMsMzo0MDQsMzo0MDUsMTo0MDksMzo0MjAsMzo0MjMsMzo0MzMsMzo0MzQsMTo0MzYsMjo0NTQsMjoxMTA4NCwzOjIwMTEyLDM6MjAxMjIsMzoyMDEyNQ==

This deck is not only fun and pretty powerful, it also smashes every boss in existence first try!

Kraigon is awful, get another Oropsisaur instead of him.


Go to Duelspot and look for @rhacker93’s Grow deck. It is really good and fun.


Kraigon is decent good in fractal-keeper decks. and for hardstuck silver players


S.I.L.V.E.R gains grow rate exponentially


Oh yes, so much yes.
Grow is really ecstatic when

  • All your Mechs gain +34/+34 per turn
  • Oropsisaur and Juggernaut jog around the battlefield laying waste

I know both are overkill and win-more situations, but :heart:.

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