"Grinder Mage" Super slow control deck


Sup guys, I have a new deck for you. Unlike my starhorn aggro deck this is the slowest, most grindy deck I have ever built.

Currently 9-7 (in S, of course), which isn’t too impressive but this deck seems fucking hard to play and I’m probably misplaying it. RIght now I’m not sure if this idea “has legs” but I thought I’d post it because its something very different from the usual deck; this is probably the closest thing to “control” duelyst has to offer.

Anyway, the basic idea of this deck stall the game out and win with BBS. Those Tsorcs and Alcuins can grab you multiple copies of corona/shroud. And those cards give you space and time to crush their board with Frostburn + Enfeble combos. As I say, its pure control with an incredibly defensive playstyle. The deck is not technically difficult (like Songhai often is) but it is strategically difficult — you need to use cards like Shroud/Frostburn just at the right time in a match-up; too early/too late and your fucked.

Quick tip: Since we want to grind people out with BBS the most important thing is to be ahead on cards.


Grind pepople on BBS, how about cryptographer?


cryptographer is a card. :slight_smile:

We win on with bbs because the deck has no other win condition.

At any point in the game I’d rather draw a removal / survival tool than a mere 2 dmg.


Tracer “Retreat and Flee” Silhouette I guess ?
Or Conceal+Asp and teleport to go face usually ?


usually to run away.


At first glace, it seems like a strictly worse version of burn faie which has the very similar idea of delaying the game but also has more damage to close the game out. What are the advantages of running this deck as opposed to burn faie?


Very cool deck man. I dig it!


Oh this deck idea looks positively evil! I like it!

I know that this deck is probably not as efficient as Faie decks with win conditions other than BBS spam, but winning with decks like this feels sinisterly good. Denying your opponent their ability to go face and burst you down is one of the most satisfying experiences in Duelyst for me.

How is the matchup against Abyssian? Slower Abyssian lists might be able to out-grind this one with Variax and Keliano.


@raqyee @excogitator

Okay, lets be clear; this deck probably is straight up worse than the versions of Faie Sola/Cranky are running right now. To be good, an ‘attrition’ style deck is always going to be dependant on (a) the meta and (b) having the right tools.

In terms of tools, this deck is almost there; if I could run a trinity oath or something over Li’kian that would be great (likewise, Variax for Vanar would be sweet). Maybe this is a deck to watch out for each season as new monthlies get added. Maybe this deck could be good with further inovation, maybe I could make this baby purr if I can just learn to play it better. Right now, I simply have more questions than answers.

The reason I posted the deck is not because I feel its top tier, rather I posted because it offers a unique “super control” playstyle that you don’t really see anywhere else.

As for Variax Lilith. In theory, this deck should have like 10% wr against that crap; I mean, we simply cannot grind someone down to dust when there BBS is that damn awesome.

But with that said I did win a against a t5 Variax on ladder. I ran into the corner and spammed BBS. I waited until the last possible moment before blowing up the board with Enfeeble + Burn. My BBS litterally did 20+ dmg that game.

With this said, had my opponent top-decked something like a Rite, and/or slowly rebuilt the hand (i.e. save his cards rather than play them) I’m pretty sure I would have lost. So yeah, while the game was a lot of fun I ultimately had to play perfectly and rely on my opponents misplays to win.


Played this deck through gold to diamond. Good fun. Had some pretty stupid comebacks


I really want to play this deck since vanar control is 100% my thing but I dont have the loremasters or tsorcs.

Should I just add 2 more sisters, 3 skorn and one more enfeeble?

Also are the missing cards commonly used and should I use my limited spirit to craft them? I see alcuins farely often but rarely ever do I see the Tsorcs.



id craft alcuin, but as for Tsorc sure you can replace that with skorn + enfeeble.


Do you think White Asp could be efficiently replaced with SnowPiercer ?

(don’t want to spend 900 Spirit just for testing a funny deck)


Asp isnt a bad card to craft.

but I you dont want it I dunno, I’d recommend any decent 4-5 mana minion of your choosing. (Sleet dasher, dioltas, etc)


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