Grincher really underrated card


I have come to notice that im almost the only player who uses this card in his deck.The card itself is really good and its effect is simply sick for example for saj its a really good card if your missing some key artifacts and dont forget you can get any artifact from any class so all are useful except for one that gives attack for shadow creeps so yeah please give me your opinion about this card and why its rarely seen


I don’t use it because it can give useless artifacts like bloodrage mask (variable) and ghost azalea (not so variable). There are too many artifacts that don’t do enough to justify getting them from grincher, and the aggressively-statted body makes it so you need to get something good or otherwise be in a situation desperate enough that it functions like a full-on draw.


Someone did the math once. If you consider all possible results, less than half can be considered better than just adding regular faction artifacts. Also counting on cross-faction combos is really risky and you might end up with a dead card in hand.


Use the card for a longer period of time and then come back here and say do you still hold the same opinion of it.


Well I have been using it in my saj deck since I’m missing some legendary artifacts and has been working out gd for me it’s a 80% gd artiffact


Your right there but for example your playing shadow creep deck and get ghost that’s great but I guess yeah the card is heavily rng b


Well, technically you can just replace the artifact if it is a bad one. Drawing it again sucks, but hey, it is an OK body that cycles itself. Nothing exceptional, but not useless either.


It’s cool, yes, and then you draw Ghost Azalea.
But the other times it’s pretty cool yes.
But him being underrated?
Naw, I think he’s valued at EXACTLY the value that we all together attribute to him, which is basically the only fair way to calculate the value of card objectively anyway.
I mean, the card surely cannot have a value that is based on 1 person’s opinion, with the rest of everyone not factoring in, can it? :stuck_out_tongue:


i picked it a few times in gauntlet and have to say… yeah, it can be good, it can be absolutely useless at other times though.

the problem is simply consistency. if you play such a high cost card, you want to have some reliable result. and with grincherz you are simply taking too high of a risk.


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