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Grincher Artifact Mana Cost bug



Grincher is supposed to reduce the mana cost of an artifact by 2 mana. I grinched a cyclone mask using Sajj, which should result in 1 mana to play the artifact. However, when I used the artifact, it still took 3 mana from me.

Operating System:


System Specs:


(I got these strings straight from my command prompt, please ignore any innuendos)

CPU:Intel 64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1, genuine Intel
GPU:some integrated graphics card
RAM: 2 RAM cards with 4gb each

Game Client:


Bug Report Details

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Summon grincher
  2. Play the artifact drawn by grincher the next turn
    3.Optional:Use BBS

(IDK if this happens with all generals or just the cyclone mask…)


i got this bug too with the new lyonar artifact


Faced the same problem with crescent spear and white asp