Grandmaster Zendo's Kaleos Bigstuff


Hey everybody Grandmaster Kaleos (soon to be Zendo about a week from my alts name change being back up lol) here, last week I saw someone complaining that there weren’t any Songhai Deck lists around the forums sooooo, now that I finally finished climbing to S-rank this month I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring and share my deck for anyone who’s bored of their standard Spellhai/Combohai Reva Shenanigans and wants to try something a little different. I played this almost exclusively up to srank this month (we’ll say that the Baconator Testing I did do was invalidated by me entertaining myself with locust memes for just about as many games XD)

With the release of Zendo i couldn’t help but desire to resurrect the old songhai decks from the days of Funsteal release month.

Everyone remembers that crap right? Flying Hamons and 5/1 forcefield celeritys for those that don’t lol.

Basically this deck Is a Midrange Kaleos (edging on the side of control rather then aggro like most midrange songhai list) List with a focus on mobility in order to be able to place threats in safe positions and then rapidly change the board state without your opponents positioning choices being relevant, basically its about what actually makes Songhai interesting to me in a TRPG sense, their unparalleled mobility.

I’ll take a moment to point out some key card choices here that might appear odd -

No IF?- Not enough synergy only works well with Kaido, Ki Beholder, and Panddo so not worth. also eats through your hand crazy fast which this deck cant afford (decent pull off xho though).

Xho - It serves as some soft hand sustain later in and the game and in a worse case scenario is a passable player 1 turn one (much better to have Mystic or Kaido though. Careful dropping it against Vetruvian, Songhai, and Magmar. Will sometimes win you games outright with 7 mana Spirals and 4 mana Heaven’s Eclipse. Deathstrike shenanigans has also won me a few games XD

Batlle Panddo - This cards serves several purposes over fox

  1. Invalidates swarm and eggs even more then usual
  2. turn 2/3 into 2/2s making it much simpler to clear with my general and 2 drops
  3. Eats removal like fox, but i dont care that it eats removal because I’m not relying on it for hand sustain
  4. I dont have to care if it get Zenrui’d and Zenrui triggers the s*** outta me normally XD

No Fox - Lantern Fox during testing when played early was often times overdrawing me fires because early in the game im often only dropping one card a turn, late game it was pretty consistently better then Panddo but that’s not really what I wanted in a 3 drop for this deck seeing as i Have plenty of late game threats. It’s also very difficult to use the phoenix fires early on because i want to be ramping into higher powered threats.

Lightbender - Normal Songhais typically dont care to carry dispel because they ignore threats, that’s not what this deck is about and Lightbender is its saving grace versus Vetruvian and Kara and is very useful for messing with eggmar and Argeon. Bonus points if you dispel your Hamon AND their threats :smiley:

Dioltas - An excellent distraction and slows down the game to a more sustainable point for our deck if the tombstone makes it out, bonus points if you killing edge it lol, its also good for baiting dispels so your Funsteal’s and Kron’s don’t have to eat them.

No Heaven’s? - Unlike the fine tuned aggro decks that when they heavens they pull damage and almost always only damage, mine pulls mobility and removal and sometimes KE, overall its just a little to expensive for what it does (great pull from Xho tho).

Only 2 Kron? - I only own 2 lol but deck space is also very tight.

No Spiral? - Overall i decided to cut it because drawing it when it didn’t work was losing me games more often then it was winning me games. I’m also not running heaven’s so I can’t tutor it (Great pull from Xho yet again).

Wincons - Grandmaster Zendo, Hamon to Face, A Ki Beholder living for 3 or more turns XD, Produce more Threats then you opponent can answer while removing soft mobility based removal from the table. Produce large amounts of value from Kron beyond what your opponent can fight.

Mulligans Strats
Hard search for Healing Mystic and Kaido, Hold Ki Beholders and Krons and a 4 Drop.
Prioritize Kaido > Mystic > Xho if you have more then one 2 drop dump the rest.
Hard Search for Ki Beholder or Panddo Dump 2 drops if you have 3 and 4 Drops. Hold Krons.

Versus Vetruvian, Hold up to Two lightbenders and hold onto bear seals you will need them XD

Versus Songhai, try to find at least one bear Seal or lightbender to deal cleanly with fox and hard search for juxta as player two to prevent chakri shenaningans, hold Dioltas to attempt to slow them down.

Versus Lyonar, Ki Beholder is even more potent here, hard search for your bear seals, and hold juxtas if you can.

Versus Kara, Hard search Lightbenders, hold Dioltas.

Versus Faie, Hold Dioltas to attempt to slow down.

Versus Magmar, Hold Lightbenders and Bear Seals, Hard Search Ki beholders (they will single handedly win you games versus mag)

Versus Lilithe, lol

Versus Cass, Hard Search Lightbenders and Juxta, hold Battle panddos.

Matchups - Will be edited in later

Anywho I’d love to hear everyone’s opinions on the deck and if theres interest i have TOOOOONS of footage i could potentially post but it’ll be either post commentary or (most likely) raw gameplay as I don’t have a space to both play and speak atm XD


Nice deck. I really like Zendo for his effect and visual. It’s a very unique card. I always wanted to start playing mobility Kaleos, might give it a try with this deck :smiley:

Oh yes, I saw you using Katara in one of the Scarzig viewer replays. Why did you cut it off from this list?


I feel ya mate I love Zendo too :smiley:

Anywho on the matter of Katara.

That footage was from when i was testing baconator a little bit before i started going hard into this deck.

Overall katara is a better combo piece then kaido but kaido is a better raw unit.

So to put it simply if you plan to just raw play a unit and maybe occasionally buff and move it kaido is better because he has more raw stats

If you plan to consistently drop> Inner Focus > Killing Edge then katara is better because hes cheaper and does more damage


That’s a typo for IF, Inner Focus right?


whoop yeap it is XD


I really like the deck so far! One question, with all these movement spells, would you recommend Onyx Jaguar? This card may be extremely understated, but might have a few synergies.

Also, it’s sad to see that “bigstuff” today means 4 5-drops and 2 6-drops. The meta is just too darn fast.


I tried to make jag work becuase i really wanted him to but he’s just less consistent the my other tools, its also impossible to ramp into him efficiently because you actually want to play him at 6 mana so you can blink him to make him a reasonable size, overall i think jag might find a home eventually but this isn’t really it

He did make Funsteal really fricken stupid tho lol 5/4 forcefield is a very large step up XD and god help you if he got to 6/5


Onyx Jaguar would be much, much better as a 4-drop.


Was looking for some Zendo’s Kaleos stuff, so thank you verymuch for sharing. Gotta try it out. If you are interested in non spellhai/combohai decks, try also “tempo reva”, you can find it in the forums. Or i can post it here, if you ask.


Oh my lord yes if it was a four drop it would be so much better words cannot describe XD even as like a 2/2 or a 1/3


Yo so i’ve been playing extensively with this deck and I have to say it has been a frickin blast bro. BUT! Lol. I have a few changes I’d like to suggest. Instead of running 3 Kaido Assassin I believe you’ll get more value out of 3 kataras. Starting double or even one katara into a juxta or miswalking next turn can put the opposing player in a very tough position most of the time and the backstab damage is better. I know its only by one but isnt that generally what you want to use backstab minions for? The backstabby part? Also, I’d like to suggest replacing 1 healing mystic and 1 mist dragon seal for 2 deathstrike seals. Deathstrike seal has SOOOO much synergy with battle paddo its insane. I’ve noticed people dont immediately remove or dispel them because they dont seem like much of a threat once you drop them on the board. But its the next turn that makes this combo so dangerous. Playing a deathstrike seal on to your battle ready paddo just completely annihilates the opponents board regardless of how strong the minions are its just fuckin satisfying. Being able to wipe the opponents board with just one minion is just amazing I find. I know this deck centers around using songhai’s incredible mobility but i generally feel that I still have plenty of access to my mobility cards and plays even after dropping 1 of the mist dragon seals.


I’m glad your enjoying the deck so much mate :slight_smile: as for your suggestions.

Katara i actually ran before kaido and i found i wasnt really combining tools that often with my backstabbers early game so i dropped it but i might give it another run.

Deathstrike Seal humors me to no end so ill probably give that a test run especially since it adds even more removal to the deck, although i will say that personally my battle panddos get dispelled a ton but thats probably because i only really drop them in matchups where they are guaranteed to get ridiculous value (magmar, abyssian, lyonar) if they dont