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Grandmaster Zendo Question


Does Zukong cancel the effect of Grandmaster Zendo?


Without testing it, i doubt it. Even though Zendo makes your General move like a Battle Pet, it doesnt give him the Battle pet tag. That being said, its irrelevant, since Zukong is ass anyways.


You call a 3 mana 3/4 minion an ass? Blasphemy!

Eh, it all depends on how they coded it really, it could go both ways. But if I were to use common sense, I’d say it’s more probable they don’t interact. I guess it’s interesting to think about it because it happening would be extremely rare.


Kinda my thoughts, when would this ever happen? (Would be nice to know though :stuck_out_tongue:)


If only there was a mode where we could test interactions like this. CPG should implement one, they could call it… Sandbox mode.


its already there, take a look at T2K5’s helper scripts


There is no reason for that.

The exact text on Zukong is :
“The enemy General moves and attacks as if they are a Battle Pet.”

The text is pretty clear : “as if”, but the card type doesn’t change and the enemy General is still a General (and thus, affected by General directed spells as “Void Pulse”)


You’d think so but my experience with digital card games is that the programming is not always as straightforward as the wording appears. I’d still say it could go either way.

I’d test it in sandbox myself but I own neither card. =\


No, Zukong does not disable the effect of Grandmaster Zendo.


Thanks man!

I guess this should be locked up now?

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