Grandmaster Variax


So I just had Grandmaster Variax played on my on the opponents turn 3 (he went first and ended up double dark fire sacrificing) and could generate furious wraithlings from that point on. Needless to say I was decimated and stood about as strong a chance as a snowball in the oven on the surface of the sun.
So yeah just a public heads up that its a permanent change for the bbs, and the furious wraithlings are the 5/5s generated from writhing fury. Hope everyone has fun with the expansion and whatnots.


I thought it was obvious that it was permanent ? It is an Opening Gambit, just like Geomancer.


yeah it is now but I kinda only glanced through the cards list at first so it was a huge surprise to have that happen the first game I played lol


I guess it’s nice to make a topic just in case. What I’m wondering is if you can dispel the wraithlings or the FURIOUS buff is permanent.


I think you should be able to dispel the wraithlings but idk haven’t had a chance to try yet


You can dispel Wraithlings, and I’m pretty sure you can dispel the enemy General to remove the Awesome buff as well but maybe I’m wrong.


No its not a general buff, so no dispelling the enermy general to save ur soul


Damnit, so the enemy General is just permanently Awesome? How am I supposed to deal with how AWESOME she is?


Just tested, you can’t


Yes, you can dispel the “furious” Wraithlings, though they turn into regular wraithlings then.

Not sure how Variax isn’t an auto-win just yet – x2 5/5’s every single turn or x4+ Fiends every single turn seems pretty impossible to deal with, especially if the tempo’s pretty even or you’re running a slower deck.

If Abyssian is losing, this will probably even things out, maybe even tip them in their favor.
If Abyssian is even, this will most definitely give them the win.
If Abyssian is in the lead, just gg and get out.


You concede and move on to the next match.


It is. When they summon variax, you have 1 turn to go lethal and avoid, or you will lose.

It’s really a bad month not to play abyssians


Variax is just outright op. Even with the blast-3d-wish i didnt have this level of helpnlessness. Enemy plays Variax. if you dont have lethal that turn, you lost … 100%. its so stupid.


By the time Variax did something outside of being a big body (9 Mana), they could have as well Revenanted and obliterated you.


You can’t sell Variax like that because Abyssinian can ramp and Variax is an open gambit. So every single time they ramp Variax the game is almost always over.Yeah Variax is slow for 7 mana but people can drop Variax as soon as turn 2 .


Yeah sometimes you will loose to that Grandmaster…sometimes not…
Everyone looses sometimes to strong Cards…
No Problem take it easy go on and remeber sometimes your Oponnents will suffer because of your strong Cards…
İ actually love that EVERY faction has such LateGameMonsterCards to finish things of…so imo ist not unfair…
Of course sometimes Magmar and Abysian can ramp things out…But i played this concept myself and ist not tooo relieyable…so no fear…meta will be allright :wink:


So far, I’ve been confronted to Variax a couple of times and survived, even more than 1 turn, and won :stuck_out_tongue:

As a side-note on topic, I heavily play Abyssian too, and never managed to win with Variax, SpecRev or Obliterate is always faster.


good to see others take notice its unbalanced for controlled meta if there was one. Its like every other general have to rush face or lose because variax is the queen/king of control. dispelling general to reset or making it so “lillith variax” effect wears off once variax dies (yogg in hs before nerf is just like variax now) or making variax straight up 9 mana would be the solution.


Variax is very powerful. Veeeery. Powerful.
But Abyssian is all about setting stuff up. If you manage to disrupt this process, they basically loose. Or just burst them down, it’s not hard.

@kevin2hard Maybe making Variax’s OG dispellable would be okay.


Care to share how? And was it lilithe variax or cassyva?