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Hello world! With a new expansion bringing a whopping 3 new grandmasters on the horizon, I began to notice a few interesting things with the Grandmasters. For a start, Zir and Nosh-Rak both resemble generals. Zir rides a lion, just like MK3 Argeon, and Noah-Rak has floaty bits behind his head, like both the Vetruvian generals. In fact, all the grandmasters have animations and sprites rivalling the complexity of generals. Secondly, not only do grandmasters look like generals, they also influence generals. All grandmasters revealed so far have effects that influence the behaviour of generals in one way or another.

This has lead me to conclude that the grandmasters are rejected generals both in the lore and in the game.

I suspect that their sprites were originally going to be used as generals before they were scrapped and then reused as grandmasters.

The grandmasters’ abilities each reflect their reaction to not being made a Bloodborn General (heavy speculation)

When Zir learnt that he was not chosen by the tree, he felt joy. After all, his Daughter, Zir’an received the honour, so he had no reason not to rejoice. As such, he loyally supported his Bloodborn general until the day they died, leaving him with the title. Zir finally became a Bloodborn general, but he felt nothing but sorrow at the loss of his commander.

Zir’s ability allows him to become a general

When Zendo learned that he was not chosen by the tree, he was indifferent. What does it matter if he did not receive the power directly? There were much more subtle ways to harness this power than seizing if for himself. So, he manipulated a Bloodborn into doing his bidding, granting him he power of a Bloodborn indirectly.

Zendo’s ability manipulates a general.

When Embla learned that she was not chosen by the tree, she felt fear. Such great power bestowed upon such a small, spontaneous individual will surely break the carefully established balance of power. These Bloodborn will pose a great threat to the world through their mere existence. As such, she ordered for the imprisionment of the Bloodborn.

Embla’s ability isolates a General

When Nosh-Rak learned that he was not choosen by the tree, he felt fury. Why would the tree choose weaklings such as Sajj and Zirix over himself? Furious, Nosh-Rak resolved to hunt down and destroy every single Bloodborn created by the tree to bring justice to it.

Nosh-Rak’s ability destroys a general


Can’t wait for the Abyssian and magmar grandmasters to be added. There might even be a neutral grandmaster to make 7

I think they embody the 7 deadly sins:
Zir - Sloth - when on the battlefield, generals know even if they die the fight will continue. so they disregard their lives instead of fighting to survive.
Zendo - Pride - generals are deceived into acting on impulse, believing they are infallible, leading to their demise.
Embla - Wrath - generals are imprisoned and slowly tortured to death for wishing to fight her alone.
Nosh-Rak - Envy - exposing generals weaknesses and helping all those trampled underfoot take vengeance.

I really hope there is a neutral grand master to complete all 7 in the list


Good job making this


This sounds extraordinarily un-Vetruvian. Rather, I would think that Nosh-Rak would destroy Bloodborn Generals in honor of the Starstrider heir. To my understanding, the Vetruvians have been described up until now as anything but the kind of people who get furious. Rather, the Vetruvians are described as zen bookworms who are detached from belief.

Funny idea though, wouldn’t it make sense if Nosh-Rak trained Zirix and Sajj? Atleast that’s the flavor I get out of the Grandmasters as a concept.

Z’ir probably trained Zi’Ran, after she was taken in by Argeon

Kaleos was born in the mist, and was probably mentored by Zendo

Embla is an ancestor of the sisterhood, and may even be the one who transformed Faie into a human

Nosh-Rak weilds a sword eerily similar to Spinecleaver, and was likely assigned to mentor young Zirix. Sajj could very well be designed by Zirix as the culmination of his teachings.


Some people are saying that the Nosh-Rak theory is very unlike vetruvian but maybe that’s the intent. A lot of people like to classify factions as “good” or “evil” but we know from the lore text on martyrdom that things are not that’s simple and that every group has it’s outliers. In the case of the vets it could be that Nosh-Rak really is resentful and he may want to kill all the bloodborne, I would even go so far as to say that it is this hate in his heart that may be the very reason he was not chosen. We know he is very powerful so it actually makes sense that the only thing holding him back is his emotions because if not his emotions what else could be holding him back, he clearly has the strength to kill all the bloodborne on his own if he had to.


I guess it would be more in line with the lore if the Grandmasters were mentor type characters, but, personally, it would be more interesting if these characters were selfish, and work against the protagonists rather than generic good guys.


I dunno, your theory about Zir paints him in a pretty good light, being fine with not becoming a general, and then when he finally does become one he’s full of sorrow because his general had to die for him become one, that’s pretty unselfish tbh.


Just asking… who is Mk3 Argeon and Noah-Rak


Look up expansion spoilers day 11 for Nosh-rak


You can’t really say a whole society of people aren’t capable of being frustrated, maybe nosh-rak has been training long and hard since he was a child. Long days with no breaks, perfecting his technique and practicing to become the bloodborn. And then it was given to someone else, his one goal in life, now unreachable.

So maybe he got a little peeved :sweat_smile:

I feel when a lot of people talk about lore, they often generalize the peoples of whatever nation(s) they’re talking about. Although people are often different in some ways just because of their culture, the people within the culture are also vastly different, with different views and opinions. Just look at actual real world democracies, people often want very different things and have very different temperaments although they’re both from the same nation.

Although I do like your mentoring idea, and honestly they’re not mutually exclusive thoughts. A master turning on his pupil who has surpassed him, sounds interesting :smile:


Mk3 Argeon is just a good ol’ Aegeon Highmayne, but in his Mark 3 gear (not yet released, only teased), in which he’s riding a goddamn lion.


Is it time for this?

Yeah, it’s time for this.


I mean, the tree and sisters are from space, so ALIENS pretty much confirmed.


Doesn’t look like Mythron is Earth, so, either way…


But they are aliens for Mythron still. No matyer where you land, if you fell from a star or whatever, you are an alien to me.


Well that’s just rude.

Oh, wait. Do you consider yourself as a Mythronian then?


Well, it depends on the day, I occasionally am from the Northern Kingdoms.


Great theories everyone. Some on track, some not so on track…but let’s just say… maybe you’ll find out more one day…


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