Grab a custom forum style here


Hey duelysts! One of my nerdy hobbies is to restyle websites that I frequent, so I made some themes for the forum and figured I might as well share them.

The themes are installed through the browser plugin “Stylish” (Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

Standard Duelyst Theme


Download Standard Theme - (CSS)

Minimal Duelyst Theme


Duelyst Minimal Theme - (CSS)

If there are any bugs, just message me and I’ll try to fix that ASAP.


It surprises me how a simple background totally makes it look different :smiley:

BTW thats one profile pic you have there! Jajaja


It’s actually +300 lines of CSS mostly for pretty typography, but yeah the background does a lot (:
Haha, the profile picture is actually from a general artwork mod I’m working on, but that’s gonna take a lot more time to finish.


Awesome! I love Stylish, glad to see it is still expanding. Never thought to check on here for themes.


Such Cassyva … wow


Ever thought of participating in the fan art contest ? You have your chances iMO


Looks awesome :smiley:


Tbh it should look like that in the first place. Nothing about this site aesthetic wise has anything to do with the game other than the badges.


Very nicely done, it just seems that Quotes are kinda unremarkable, maybe its a bug or something but for me they appear to be normal paragraphs of text, might wanna look into that, i am using Chrome btw. :slight_smile:


Aren’t you a little ray of sunshine.

Not sure if I have ever read a post of yours that wasn’t: “Yeah, but poop. Also: poop.” Brighten up!

Edit: theme looks great!


dudeeee this looks amazing, what a skill you got going on there.


They need to hire you to spice up the forums ASAP


Ryvirath is taking care of it! I hear the new theme should be live in a few days when it gets signed off.


Thaaats pretty dope, ngl, congratulations.


Alright guys, due to popular demand and just how awesome this looks we have made it the forum standard! Big thanks to Wantan for the awesome forum style, we have made some modifications to it compared to the original so if you are using the original and like it you should keep using it, but otherwise enjoy :smiley:


It could still use work in some areas to make the style more consistent in my opinion but it does look good.


Really no disrespect intended, but is there a way to go back to the background-less forum style? It’s a bit more tiring, this style, for me. The other one was easier/calmer. And I need easy and calm at the moment :s


Sure, I can whip up a simplified version of the theme for stylish. I’ll pm you when it’s done


could you post it publically :slight_smile:


Of course, it’s all in the original post :slight_smile: