Got me to Diamond! Any tips for improvements?


This deck of mine is based on what cards I happen to own (I get so much luck with Lyonar and orbs lol) and it has done me well playing Argeon. I usually get a facestomping aegis barrier’d creature out, or if they kill my facestomper I use spirit of the vale to restore tempo. I love shiro puppydragons, they are durable and aren’t half bad when buffed on their own. Any ideas for improving my deck? Solarius and The Scientist pretty much cover my card draw needs.

Blistering Skarn is for killing off ranged songhai, zerg abyssian, and since my creatures have high health in general the 1 damage doesn’t really hurt them that bad.


I’d say to look at your deck and figure out exactly what your goal is. With Ironcliffe, Dioltas, Suntide and Z’ir you could be looking for a DB win, which surprisingly is not there. With Keeper, you could be looking for a Keeper deck, but that’s not really there either because you have Shiro and Adept.

Additionally, try to consolidate some of your one-ofs into 2- or 3-ofs. I’d say one-of is fine for something like Dawn’s Eye and Z’ir, but for Solarius, for example, if you need to start drawing those cards, you need them, or you’re dead in the water, and he’s so weak that you probably aren’t looking to play him except when you have to.

Beyond that, congratulations and good luck going forwards :?)


I would disenchant fighting spirit. (It’s trash)
You could get rid of Dioltas, kind of pointless with no Divine bond
maybe remove Grandmaster Z’ir, (I personally I don’t like the card bc I never seem to be able to find a time to play it.)
add 3 sunsteel defenders.
Looks like you need more 2 drops, maybe switch them blistering scorns for azurite lions.


You definitely need Divine Bond instead of something, and Azurite Lions instead of something else.
Solarius as a 1 of can work, as the Scientist fills the same niche.
I would remove Keeper of the Vale and fighting spirit.
I prefer Arclyte Regalia to Dawn’s Eye, but you probably don’t have it (they more or less combo, but that’ a lot of artifacts).


@maelrawn I actually find keeper ressurecting a Shiro to be immensely useful, well at least how I play. I usually buff 2-3 monsters right away with it. Anyway, the Keepers usually revive ironcliffes and knights so it is hardly a waste imo. I did consider what you said about 2- or 3-ofs.

I realize to all of you no DB means the deck is kinda pointless, but I never find divine bond to really help me a whole ton in the past (with the new afterblaze spell that is)

@ticklemypelvis I don’t disenchant things that may be useful for a later meta, and I am terrible with anything forcefield, fails my playstyle. I don’t see how a 0/10 with taunt is ever pointless, especially if keeper revives dioltas again. I do agree about 2 drops.

@galdred I think I will replace something for divine bond, but why dump my keepers? they revive ironcliffe and silverguard knights so often. Indeed no Arclyte Regalia :frowning:

I replaced my fighting spirit and my skarns got replaced by more dioltas (crafted) and 2 divine bonds.

Now having 3 dioltas and 2 divine bond should justify my 3 keepers :slight_smile: Revive dioltas for days and tombstone slam. Shiro’s buff tombstones greatly!


This is exactly the kind of Lyonar deck I’ve been trying to pull off. I agree on running dioltas, he is great value. My question is, could I make a deck like this work with Zir’an? I typically prefer to use her.


Not sure, keepers take up space that is needed for her. If you don’t want keepers then sure lol

My new deck landscape.

I hate having 9 2-cost monsters sorry for blowing off that recommend.


@mindrivet I’m not sure what you mean by that I have to remove the keepers. I just wanted to switch the general because I prefer to have the healing effect.


@eftaisio Oh. Then you are fine. I thought you meant the cut-and-paste healing kind of deck with sunrisers and that bunch. Yea, it would work just fine! Divine bond and Afterblaze provide enough attack buffing combined with shiro puppydragons.

My new deck I have an unstoppable win streak with atm :slight_smile:


I would swap Shiro for the lions. They get an insane mileage of afterblaze, your BB spell and divine bond. Just don’t trade with them unbuffed.
Argon works much better there:
Healing maidens doesn’t help them much, and minions with high health like guardians are much better with + damage.