Gosh, it's been ages


It feels that way, anyways. Months, certainly, longer than that since I’ve been truly active.

Hello. I’m Shirube. I used to be an active player, mostly in gauntlet, and mostly during beta. I have returned, and I have a few questions, if anyone would be so kind as to lend me their time.

Question one: Does gauntlet matchmaking use your constructed rank? I’ve never really been sure how it worked, but I remember being under the impression that that was the case at one point. I don’t know whether that was true, or, if it was, whether it’s changed since.

Question two: Is there anywhere I can find a summary of information I’m likely to need as a returning player, such as minions that are common in gauntlet that I don’t know to play around, or the precise functioning of bloodborn spells? A decent gauntlet tier list would also work, if anyone ever got around to making one.

Question three: Are there any statistics around regarding gauntlet win rates that I can compare myself to? I’m not really sure what I should be aiming for at this point.


1: Afaik it seems like the matchmaking system tries to pair you against someone with a similar win count. However if it fails to find a proper opponent for awhile (1-2 min) it can potentially pair you against anyone.

2: You could use Zelda’s gauntlet guide, here’s the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r3tX0myAjXHo-EzGmQ2v3E-P2fLCB-8lcCdKkRzeQq0/edit#
I don’t think it’s worth it to play around things in gauntlet since literally everything can happen. Just play around AoE(holy immolation, makantor), dancing blades, maybe starsfury against vet, and keep removal ready for ranged minion and big minion.

3: Not sure if I understand this one right.
Regarding rewards, you start breaking even at 3 wins; at 7 wins you get a free gauntlet ticket which is usually the minimum objective if you want to go “infinite”. Anything past that is just more free stuff.
If you can already go 5-6 wins with a decent draft, you should be good to go, just keep playing.

Welcome back btw, I hope the game is still to your likings since it changed quite a lot.


Hello, welcome back I guess ?
For your third question, there are stats in your profile, with the keyblade thing. Probably the closest you can find. If you have added someone, you can see this person’s “stats” too. Hope I got it covered ! Anyway, I hope to see you ingame or here :smiley:


Thank you both! The gauntlet guide’s perfect. There aren’t very many things worth playing around in draft, you’re right, but there were a few commons that were back when I was last active, I think. Dancing blades and ephemeral shroud are the ones that come to mind. I don’t know enough of what cards were added since then to know whether there are any more now.

I’m sorry I was unclear in my last question. I can usually go at least seven wins with drafts of factions I’m comfortable with, although I’ve been having more trouble with Vetruvian than I would have expected. (Magmar still seems really strong, though. And Vanar! They’re good now! That makes me so happy.) I meant what to aim for more in the sense that I don’t really know what what Duelyst’s variance is, which means I don’t know what win rates are plausibly achievable, which means that, for some reason, I have trouble mustering motivation to do as well as I can. I tend to work best with concrete goals.


Oh, do you want to know what the meta is then ? I can’t tell for sure, Gauntlet is draft and Shim’zar changed a lot. It seems Songhai got pretty popular, I saw Vetruvian a lot and Magmar too. IF you wanted to know average wins, you could make a poll on the boards. I highly doubt anyone ever collected such data.


I found this, take a look ! https://www.reddit.com/r/duelyst/comments/4m7e94/new_and_accurate_faction_statistics_script/