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Goodbye Duelyst, I had high hopes but you proved to be a totally unfair and imbalanced game


Firstly, nice to see you again.

Secondly, there’s no fun if you decided there’s no fun. I’m perfectly capable of having fun, winning and easily going to Diamond with the decks that are not Trial, aggro…or ArtiHai for that matter.


You can still have fun and succeed without abiding by the meta. Plus, winning isn’t all the fun.



This is true, im almost diamond using a pantheran deck.


Yeah many people get to diamond and S-rank piloting off meta memes and they do just fine.


Ah, you’re the person I’ve been seeing with that deck.


Youre the lyonar guy right?


I was at the time. I play with every faction, so I often switch between stuff a lot. Like today, played Infest Abyss, Midrange Kaleos and Replication Magmar.


The game is more balanced than older metas where you had 1 deck destroying all (Arcnayst Vanar, Meltdown Ziran, pre-nerf Saurian Magmar to name few of them). But the lack of content and updates makes playing an old and boring experience.

As much as I dislike Wanderer, I do not agree with you. The card needs a tweek, but so it does Zir’an, Vet and RAGNORA…


it’s a dead game …if no updates …


where you the guy with the three lyonar ribbons i saw yesterday?


It’s a dead game if there are players who only play Abyssian. :eyes:


My comrade is the one that is good at this game.


yep … agreed with your statement …
1st faction to leave this game …


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