Goodbye Duelyst, I had high hopes but you proved to be a totally unfair and imbalanced game




Agreed. Game is the most balanced it’s ever been. A few tweaks here and there and we’d be fine.




I can’t believe no one is rebutting point 1 more forcefully: every player begins every month in Bronze or Silver. The matchmaking system works perfectly.

Getting queued into players who may be better than you (and/or) have more ribbons than you at the beginning of each month is the normal result of everyone de-ranking at the end of each 30 day cycle and has nothing to do with the number of players (which queue times suggest is just fine for now).

This is a great feature which allows everyone a chance to see (and get inspiration from) the meta outside their regular ranks and to play against Duelyst’s very top players for a few days - top players who are normally friendly and helpful if you want to ask them a few questions after your games.

If you really don’t enjoy that, just wait a few days until the ladder sorts itself out and you will be back to queuing into your regular adversaries for the rest of the month…

PS Point 2 is mostly just another consequence of monthly de-ranking - and if not, it just means you are a good Duelyst who has played fewer games, while ranking up to a higher level than others who might have taken months or years to get there (ribbons simply measure number of wins, not win percentage…)

Duelyst is a unique and excellent game - don’t give up on it just because you misunderstood the matchmaking mechanics.


I actually don’t understand the point on ribbons at all. I mean, does e.g. hearthstone matchmaking take anything other than rank into account?

For example, I have 15 Hai ribbons, while JosephStalin69 has 23. It may seem that we’are both more-or-less experts, but in reality I suck while he is a top player. Ribbons mean nothing other than number of matches played.


I feel I’m important and have the formula for world peace.


To me, ribbons are a self-fulfilling prophercy. If you let your morale get affected by the number of ribbons on an opponent, you’ll do worse.


Seconded. Guess i have like 3 songhai 2 lyonar and 2 vanar ribbons, but it’s not that i think “oh shit” when i see someone with 10+ ribbons.

They just measure the time spent on the game basically.


Right but they have a psychological effect. I wish there was an option to deactivate them to avoid these complaints partly.


I’ve already discussed my thoughts on balance here. Look them up if you’re interested. And no, “DELET MAGMAR” is not it. I’m not a perpetual gold/diamond ranker lol.


To be fair, it would be easier to climb if Magmar didn’t exist. Unless you are Magmar. :eyes:




Can we move the discussion about Magmar to another thread? This one’s getting really derailed.

Also, to the OP: it is the beginning of the month, which means all of the ranks for the season is start fresh again, just like many other CCG games. And the number of players here is not high, which exaggerates things. Think this as an opportunity. Instead of being salty about being paired up with more experienced players and losing, take this as an opportunity to learn from the best and brightest and use their experience to improve your skills and knowledge.

You have no idea how much people learn from losing games. I learned much more from my losses than from my victories. And from these losses, I grow mighty.

But since you have quitted Duelyst, I guess my advice will fall on deaf ears. Good luck with whatever game you are playing.


As we already found out numerous times, every thread is actually a latent “Delete Magmar” thread :stuck_out_tongue:


With different degrees of hate though.


“The above three things are such a problem for me that I cannot see any reason to play anymore and will not be recommending this game to my followers on twitch. Granted I only have around 200 viewers at any given time (part timer) but that is that.” -

I feel this statement is kinda fishy. In the last couple of weeks multiple people started streaming Duelyst. No Stream pulled in the numbers you seem to be writing about here. All i have to say is that you propably should have gotten more in touch with the community and talked to other players instead of simply throwing in the towel. Taking a break is not a crime and patience is a virtue. Thats what i learned in the last couple of weeks.

I for my part stream Duelyst because its fun and i love the people who play the game. We have one of the best communitys in gaming.

If you want to hang out or want to talk about dooly stuff you can always find me either on the Duelyst Discord:
Or when i stream on

Always remember, this counts for every competitive environment: It’s not how many times you get knocked down that count, it’s how many times you get back up.


no positivity allowed DansGame


Duelyst is definitely in a bad spot. theres no fun unless you meta decks or agro and everyone else leaves. we need a new expansion or the game will just die because it cant retain players. im not complaining. even new mythron was cancer and with no cure it will kill the body.


You can play some really bad decks and have fun as long as the other player is willing to cooperate with an equally bad deck.


I neither use meta decks nor aggro and I am still able to have fun and kick plenty ass.

Then again, I don’t really keep up with the meta news so much, so I don’t know what is a meta deck.