Goodbye Duelyst, I had high hopes but you proved to be a totally unfair and imbalanced game


I really do like the game but there are some issues I just cannot bring myself to deal with.

  1. Bronze and silver division guys being matched against guys from S rank and Diamond. This is absolute bull crap. The divisional ranking system is a disaster and needs a total overhaul
  2. General experience, I am sorry to say that having a couple battle ribbons and going into a game with a player that has around 50 ribbons is a horrible system.
  3. Mythron Wanderer. Everything is either played with this card or a specific counter towards it. Gee what fun…pffft.

The above three things are such a problem for me that I cannot see any reason to play anymore and will not be recommending this game to my followers on twitch. Granted I only have around 200 viewers at any given time (part timer) but that is that.

People NEED to be matched up against others within their division or close to it, lets say you are silver, the occasional gold rank match up is fine but not frigging S and Diamond rankers. It’s an absolute joke.

So in closing I had fun for a while but I am done until they fix this disaster of a match system.

Have fun all and catch you on the flip side, or not.

PS: I really hope the devs see this post because I know at least 5 other people who tried and quit within a month because of this. Now you know why you are not retaining players.


Sorry to hear you go, this game used to be something really good, but now its just a husk of its former self. I agree with most of your points, and wish there was something us players could do about it, but we’re in a pretty bad drought right now, and don’t think many of us will pull through to see potential content.

Best wishes to you in the future, and lets hope the game gets some new content that balances it so you can come back :slight_smile:


Matchmaking is not the problem-the problem is that there are very few new players.Only a few sticked around and naturally those got qutie experienced over time


I think it is a bit harsh in saying the game is unfair and imbalanced with the 3 points you made.

The first point is due to not having enough players around. If the game had more players that filled out the ranks as a whole, then it would be working more as intended. While I haven’t seen or experienced it myself, I have heard that there are rare times it does happen. But changing the divisional system wouldn’t help since its about who is online and looking for a match at that point. If a person in S-Rank or Diamond has been matched up against someone in Silver then its very likely no one from the divisions above are queued up looking for a match. Its also not like the higher ranked person was just sitting in the queue for a few seconds, its more like a couple of minutes before the game decides to do that match up.

The second point with the ribbons, is just something that seems off-putting, since you can see how experienced (or inexperienced) your opponent is from the start. It’s something people will experience in other games as well, but you just don’t know how the experienced the other player is, because there might not be a visual indicator such as ribbons to show that. Maybe, its not a good design decision to always show them or the devs could have added in an option to turn those off.

While I disagree with the third point. In that “everything” is played with Wanderer or as a specific counter against it. Personally, I’ve never played Wanderer or made a deck to counter it. While I could agree, its not exactly thrilling to play against Wanderer in what sometimes feels like every other match. You don’t have to play either of those things, if you don’t want to. You can play some random fun deck, or whatever else you may want to do like create a deck around a certain card etc.

While it may seem like I’m just defending the game because I still enjoy the game, I do think it is unfair to call the game totally unfair and imbalanced with the points you have made. But I do hope that something in the future happens, so you and others, may come back and enjoy the game again.


I was in que for all of 10 seconds and boom, top 30 S ranker and I am in silver. This has happened more than once to several players.

Tell me again how that is not an imbalance of epic blundering proportions?

I would rather wait up to a minute and find someone in my own division.


But the way the match making is, it just doesn’t just go off the divisions but also how long someone has been in the queue. The game tries to look for someone who is in the same division but then widens the search over time. While you may have only been in the queue for 10 seconds, the other person could have been there for over 2 mins. Its just the way it works. If there were more players around then the S-Rank player probably would have got someone closer to them, while you would probably get someone in Silver. But you can’t just balance the way the game works on finding the ideal match all the time. Otherwise people higher up would only play like 2 matches an hour. There has to be a compromise between queue length and match making, otherwise no one would play at all.


I would like to wish you a goodbye, however, I’ll rebutt your points instead.

  1. This is actually due to such a lack of players that there aren’t many people in queue for you to match into.

  2. Again, lack of players.

  3. You’re going to quit duelyst because of one card, which, doesn’t make unbeatable decks? Really? Also do you see no way that CPG will balance wanderer in the future? Perhaps you could take a break until wanderer is further balanced, but quitting Duelyst all-together is a bit irrational.

And Duelyst is probably the best balanced TCG out there. If you plan on quitting, no other game can replace it.


Artifact comes out soon-having high hopes for it going to be the most strategic and well balanced CCG
Atleast we can be sure that valve won,t be completely silent for more than half a year :roll_eyes:


The season has just started, and many great players were in silver or gold as of yesterday. Maybe you can wait a little for the rankings to settle before trying to climb? I don’t like laddering early on in the season either.


i agree that regardless of wait times players shouldn’t be matched with someone more than 1 bracket above them. restricting matchmaking by ribbon count isn’t realistic with the current playerbase though. if you had an option to not be matched with someone with more than double your ribbons all that would mean is you would get a free ride up to rank 10 farming bronze noobs (or possibly all the way to rank 5 farming players who just hit rank 20) where you would then either quit due to the 10 minute queue times or disable the option and be in the same position you are now.
most experienced players agree that the meta is more balanced now than it has been at most points in the game’s history. if you’re someone who likes to complain that whatever happens to be the most played archetype is bad for the game there will always be something in that slot whether wanderer exists or not.


As mentioned lack of players affects matchmaking.
Specific times might have less players.

There is always some problem deck like Wanderer. There is no thing as perfect balance after all. Obviously everyone likes different types of decks and metas.
The bigger problem is there hasn’t been new content for a while and people are getting bored with it.

The monthly ladder reset might also be responsible. S-ranks dropping all the way to silver. So early in the month matchmaking isn’t accurate. There will be few S-ranks at the start compared with the end of the month. When there is only a few S-ranks, and online at a specific time, a S-rank player will naturally be matched with someone lower.

About ribbons, just try to ignore it. Experience while is an advantage is not directly equal to skill. An experienced unskilled player is still an unskilled player. Matchmaking should only take ranking into account.
The more extreme cases with tons of ribbons, you just have to accept as a rare case. You can’t really expect someone with 50 ribbons to be matched with someone else with 50 ribbons AND matched by ranking. That would take exceptionally long.
So do you want someone who played more to be “rewarded” with longer queue times? That would be just wrong.


As everybody says, the game may be not as fun as it could be, but I disagree with your points why. It’s your opinion though, so whatever.

GLHF somewhere else :slight_smile:


I see one real problem there.
They take awfully long for the most obvious balance changes. Not just for wanderer!

Matchmaking depends on the player pool.
But I’ve never been matched against bronze, once I hit gold. But I’m gonna pay more attention now, to see, if that really happens.


It is very sad to hear that you can’t enjoy Duelyst anymore and I wish you good luck somewhere else.

Though I see the points you made partly different.

The bronze matchmaking is very strict. I tested it a lot and you only get Bronze till you get to rank 21-22 then it starts to pair you with silver ranks (19-20). Never anything else.

I saw the Silver - Diamond / S-rank matchmaking happen, usually more in the first week of a season and to off times (which are for some their main times).
I played for 2 years and have only 4 ribbons because I rarely play more than 20 games a month. Nevertheless I beat people with 50 ribbons in tournament settings or when I met them by chance on ladder. Sometimes I didn’t beat them. It’s like with every other player. This is more a psychological barrier than a real one imo.
It works the same the other way around that people underestimate players without any ribbons. Ribbons only talk about number of won games not about skill. And there is a difference to make between both. And it is a good chance to learn something from the matchup.

I play in Silver most of the time and I don’t see all the meta / Wanderer (or their counter) decks. It is mostly Xor because Abyssian is overly represented in Silver but I haven’t seen Wanderer much and when the players usually aren’t that great. If it causes problems too much a little tech like Pony is a great answer to their board :slight_smile:
Silver looks very different than s-rank (comparing to power rankings or top 50 s-rank decks).


Unlike Hearthstone you at least can’t distinguish between pay2win and F2P in duelyst. Yes there are ribbons and shiny Generals, maybe even mark2 skins, but in duelyst it takes only about a month to get one of these.
HS has Mecha-Jaraxxus, the Hello Knight etc. that clearly state that the opposing player used money for his collection. If you proceed to play against said player to find that he has legendaries that are worth years of F2P grinding this fact will become perfectly clear.

Artifact is Dota… maybe simple fun, but 20 years of playing card games make me a little bit more appreciative towards duelyst than this newcomer… Duelyst simply has the better mechanics so far, mythrons don’t change anything at all about it.


Dude duelyst is great.
Get yourself a player to help you ingame.


Well, in an “old” game is just obvious that you will have a rough time at the beginning, cause 3/4 of the things will look unbeatable to you, but you only need practice (i.e. i’m quite sure you could deal with wanderer with a faie aggro budget deck).

That said, as others pointed out the matchmaking is kinda broke cause of the tight playerbase, but being matched with people with more ribbon is unavoidable at the beginning of the month, cause S-rankers start from silver in the new season, you could just take that as a lesson and learn from them seeing how they smack you (really, just watch carefully on how they position the general and the minion and such).

And for it’s worth you can reach S rank even with budget decks, so if you give yourself more time you could beat S-rankers from silver division, there are some very interesting budget decks on and you could watch some experienced players play (hsuku and sonofmakuta comes to mind since they explain a lot of their strategy while they play).

Edit: btw I’m the first hater of wanderer, especially wanderer rag, but i guess that in every TCG poeple will tend to play the deck perceived as the strongest, even if it gives them a slight edge, so it always boils down to playing the king deck vs the decks born to counter it


Wanderer power level is likely to be addressed in the next patch someday, it’ll be replaced by another top tier thing that netdeckers will flock to… I would appreciate more frequent balance & variety patches but it’s only a minor inconvenience to me - I’m not a competitive person.

I think you can still recommend this game, also stating your perspective as a ladder-oriented gamer.
What currently irks you is probably very tolerable for some part of your followers, and the cure to your points 1. and 2. is quite appropriately an influx of additional players. :slight_smile:

Even if other people don’t share your opinion thanks for sharing your thoughts constructively. :+1:


I didn’t really register the thread’s title before and find that statement totally unfair :slight_smile: