Good Stuff Zirix - Praise Nimbus!


I’m a veteran duelyst player who just returned for the most recent expansion. I made a list that seems really strong and figured I’d share it given that many have given up on Vet entirely.

So, here’s the list: Click on the images to expand to see all the cards.

I had to screen shot because duelystdb isn’t updated at the moment.

This deck has strong plays on every turn going first and second and has a really nice curve without sacrificing punching power. Its probably the deck that resembles the original Vet “Good Stuff” decks that brought Vet into its prime a long time ago. Also note that this list is “missing” a card. I left that spot open because I was running 2 hexblades, but then decided that only 1 was necessary so I now have a flex spot. Cards like stars furry, a third kron, a third falcius, and KotG could be added to help fight back against the kron meta.

The win condition of this deck is building a board that overwhelms your opponent similar to that of control magmar before some of the hard hitting nerfs to plasmastorm. Your opponent shouldn’t be able to dispel everything you throw at them and regardless of whether or not they do, all of the minions in the deck with the exception of jaxi have solid bodies to contest the board with. Even Nimbus becomes a 3/8 if dispelled so its a solid tempo play regardless.

I didn’t plan on doing a full write up like I have for some of my previous lists, but if there is enough desire for one then I will put up a guide.

Note: This deck isn’t cheap and there really isn’t a pauper viable version - some people have inboxed me about this on reddit and here on the forums so I’m adding this in as a forewarning.


Hey I like the deck, but can you explain the use of having hexblade/inner oasis?

Also, would rasha’s curse/dunecasters be any good in this deck?


Is 3x Nimbus really necessary? I’ve played a similar deck a fair amount and I’ve never had its effect trigger. Either I can’t play it or there’s a better play (read: Kron) or it gets removed on the spot. There’s a lot of people running Repulsor Beast, which counters Nimbus. All this meaning I find that it’s generally quite low impact. Kron is almost always better in my experience so far, so I’ve been running 2x Nimbus, 3x Kron.


Inner Oasis is another draw option. The effect can also be good if we have a lot of low drops, which we do like Pax, Healing Mystic, Jaxi, etc.

Hexblade was a meta call. I wanted to be able to kill 2/4s because the stat line was an issue for this deck when it comes down on turn 3. Its definitely not a required card. I would stick in rashas only if you see artifacts getting played. To be honest I dont know what else to put in this spot. Maybe add a third Falcius and a third Dioltas.


I use Nimbus simply because they HAVE to remove, dispel, or bump it. The 3x Nimbus guarantees that eventually you will get one to stick and likely win. + 3x of any card increases its draw consistency and we basically always want to play nimbus on 5 if we can. Kron is also good. I’d say 2x Nimbus 3x Kron is just as good.