"GOOD STUFF" Vet (smashthings)


Sup guys, so this is a deck I cobbled together a few days ago for a quest and-- to my surprise-- I’ve managed to maintain a decent wr (circa 70%) over 30 or so games. So yeah, its probably a reasonable way to play Vet if you dont wanna play mech or “full obelysk”.

Basically the deck plays a bunch of good value cards and aims to grind the game out until you can finish with Nosh Rak.

Rejuvinator is a our anti aggro (read Starhorn) tech and the A.Gifts is our tech to beat the occasional control list you see (e.g. Sajj/Ziran). (You could replace this card with anything you like and do fine, tbh)

Tiger meanwhile is mostly tech to deal with annoying crap like Ki Beholder/Katara etc.


  • No answer to Ironcliff
  • No answer to Trusight

To see it in action, you can always check out the VODS (yes, that’s right, after a long hiatus I’m back streaming again!)



Sometimes I’m just looking at these decks and I could swear that you’re just fucking with us. But shit man, if it works, it works.

Not sure how much effort you plan putting into the thread, but I’d really like to hear your more indepth thoughts on some of the card choices. Both the ones you put it and the ones you didn’t. Why only one set of obelysks? Why no direct removal? Why include shrikes? Where did the ramping wings of redemption go? Stuff like that.

  1. Vet removal basically sucks ---- Paragon clear most of the “big things” in the meta (and our own aymara, of course). Tiger kills most of the small stuff.

  2. Shreik is a good value card that is just grossly underplayed imo. In this deck the draw gives us sustain and the flying gives us good racing potential (especially when used with Nos-rak). Not forgetting Flying also allows us to use it as removal.

  3. Etheral Obelysk is simply a decent 2-drop.


Also no answer to a protected BMP.
That’s not a common occurrence for you?


oh yeah, bloodmoon fucks you. But err, we are Vet — so its kinda inevitable.


My Opinion

I’ll remove the obelysk, add 2 decay and a 2nd wish, and why zirix? sajj can be better, more aggressive?


sajj bbs is situational, and in most cases Paragon will do the job nicely.

remove the obelysk for those cards and you lack 2-drops, which means you dont curve out and then lose.


If I don’t feel like playing obelisk I play jaxi because it can be equally annoying :smiley:


Glad it works for you :slight_smile: Wind Shrike looks pretty slow though


I’ve gotten every Vet card but Nosh-rak and Zephyr. Now i’m getting every other card, knowing my luck, they’ll be the cards in the last orb. sigh tilted.


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