Golem Zoo: Aggo at its Finest


Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you all one of the decks I’m running this expansion:

It’s a basic zoo lyonar, which takes advantage of golems to buff your minions.

I’m sorry this isn’t very in depth, I’m short on time at the moment. If there’s interest I’ll update it with an actual guide haha.

Good luck this season everyone!


No trinity oath? I feel like that would be necessary in such a fast deck. Really buffers against burning out.


Yeah it seems like you have a big card draw problem


I’d completely cut peacekeeper out from the deck and perhaps consider hailstone golem over ironcliffe (due to golem synergy&nice stats). Bloodshard can be replaced with vanquisher if you have them for some lockdowns.


Maybe Spelljammers for card draw.
Fighting Spirit can also be an alternative to War Surge.


I ended up cutting the shrouds for trinity oaths, and the deck is working well. I’m leaving in the Peacekeepers since they give me late game reach and can be ramped out with the metallurgists.


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