Gold rank: need help w/my abyssian swarm deck


in silver rank it was somewhat decent i suppose… but im getting killed with my abyssian deck

anything i should add/remove??


You ran a lot of good cards, but a lot of those are just 1-offs. Put in more Black Solus, Primus Shieldmaster, Gor and Deathfire Crescendo. One of the win conditions of a swarm Abyssian deck is Deathfire Crescendo - so definitely put more into it. Put in some more Void Steal if you have space, and definitely get a few Spectral Revenants if you have that much amount of dust. If you are on a budget, then a few Dancing Blades could be helpful too. Another budget minion that fits well in Swarm Abyssian is Shadow Watcher, but this minion is a bit too risky - 1 Chromatic Cold/Emerald Shroud (if there’s still anyone running Shroud) and Shadow Watcher is done for.

You also have nearly no card draw. Tuck in some Sojourners or L’Kian as a quick fix for that. Yes, Rite of the Undervault fills your hand, but you have to draw into exactly that card and pay 5 mana to draw, which is a bit too slow and inconsistent.

Some cards don’t fit into your swarm deck. The 1-off Maw is a bit strange. A 2-2 body is too weak. Blistering Skorn is also a strange inclusion - I see that in your ideal scenarios, you could pull off some crazy combos with Shadowdancer/Bloodmoon Priestess/Deathfire Crescendo, you could also trade your wraithlings into the opponent’s face, thus making Skorn an overly situational addition to your combo. Moreover, Skorn kills off YOUR OWN pile of wraithlings. which is shooting your own feet. If you want 1-damage pings, you can opt for Sphere of Darkness or Bloodtear Alchemist instead. 3 ritual banishings and Grasp of Agony may be too much, especially when you have nearly no card draws in this deck. Shadowdancer is not too strong. If you want the healing effect, Kelaino does the same job but with 1 cost less. The damage effect is rather mundane, but it may be helpful in situations when you have a awell-established Bloodmoon Priestess. I myself don’t like Shadow Reflection, as it is only a conditional 5-damage face damage spell. I am not too sure about the inclusion of Breath of the Unborn - from my experience, this card costs too much for its effect. Your swarm of wraithlings may trade well enough already, and the healing effect of Breath is nearly never used. Keep it as a 1-off is fine, but you could consider dropping this from your decklist if you are tight on card slots.

You don’t have enough 2-drops. You should aim for about 9 2-drops. Add more Healing Mystics and Primus Fists should be fine.

To increase your survivability, you could use some more heals. You could include, as mentioned before, Kelaino and Healing Mystics. Spectral Blade is also a solid pickup.

I see a lot of card synergies in this deck. The (a bit too optimistic) BM Priestess + Shadow Dancer + Blistering Skorn combo, Sunsteel Defender + buffs definitely could strike your opponent with surprise. Just put some more “solid” cards in your deck and you’re good.


thank you for you reply… ill look into my deck with your suggestions in mind.


I’m no pro at abyssian, but I would go:

-1 Maw
Maw is not very good with this deck, especially as a x1. The 2 damage effect is situational, and can be just traded by 2 wraithlings, or an inkhorn gaze. Also a 2/2 body is not that strong…
-1 Blistering Skorn
Yes, it would be a good combo with bloodmoon priestess and shadow dancer, but that’s about it. This is too situational, and in most cases you’d just be hurting yourself by playing this.
-1 Crimson Oculus
Crimson Oculus is not as good as it seems like, there are much better cards you could play.
-1 Primus Shieldmaster
I’m not sure about this one, a provoke can save your life, but I think there are other cards which are needed in this deck.
-3 Sunsteel Defender
This is a good card, but does not entirely fit into this deck, I’d say.
-1 Grasp of Agony
Very good card, but having 3 might be a bit too much.
-1 Breath of the Unborn
Not a bad card, but the healing effect is rarely ever going to be used with a swarm of wraithlings. The 2 damage to all is a bit underwhelming for 4 mana.
+1 Void Steal
+3 attack to everything around this target, that is simply amazing. With a few wraithlings the effect stacks greatly.
+1 Inkhorn Gaze
If you kill a minion with this, you get a free battle pet. This is good value for 2 mana, pretty much a maw with a twist that you can play anywhere.
+1 Gor
Good dispel bait, as you’re gonna be playing much more dangerous things later.
+2 Sojourner or Spelljammer or L’Kian
Card draw is one thing you’re lacking in this deck. Any of these cards are going to fuel your hand as you swarm your enemy.
+2 Primus Fist or Healing Mystic
There is not enough 2 mana drops in this deck, so it might be hard to get a turn 1 play as player 1. Personally I’d prefer Primus Fist but it’s up to you which you like more.
+1 Deathfire Crescendo
This is the win condition, make sure you have it every time.
+1 Black Solus or Vorpal Reaver
Black Solus is the secondary win condition, or you could buff up Reaver to create a win condition.

Alternatively you could fit in 2 Shadow Sister Kelaino for the heals, Spectral Blade to trade with your general.

Add me in game to test the deck - Pavel201 is my in game name. :wink:
Also, one thing to remember when building decks - Having anything only x1 is a bad idea, unless it has a cost of 7+, like Spiral Technique or Obliterate.


Sunsteel Defender is strong but doesn’t die when you want to trigger deathwatch effects.
Please don’t put Oculus. It is an anti-swarm card. Don’t remind opponents to put cards that destroy your own deck :slight_smile:
Breath of the Unborn is over costly. However sometimes you just wished you have some AOE. If you see a lot of Jax Truesight (with Kara) it might be good to keep a copy.
I think you might have too much spells. After all swarm means a lot minions on board.


alirghty i tweaked my decklist according to your guys’ suggestions. it plays bettter but im still geting my butt whooped in gold rank. . here is my updated list

i don’t have enough spirit to craft anything. would there be something you would replace for a cheaper unit as a stopgap until i get more spirit??



Check this, maybe it can help you figure some things out.


May you tell us more details on how you lose? Like, which factions or particular cards you’ve lost to the most? Or how you lose the game: losing the tempo from the start, or running out of steam mid-game and lose to a comeback from the opponent?


Get Spectral Revenant Immediately! Seriously the amount of games you can win with that one card is absurd: Need 4 face damage, but enemy is out of range? SpecRev.
Need to clear a 6 health minion and deal 4 face? SpecRev. Need 6 face? Spec Rev.
Need To clear a bunch of minions, and deal 7 face? SpecRev + Grasp. Get it first!
Also more Bloodmoon and Shadow Dancers aren’t bad ideas. Void Steal is actually really good, the -3 Attack is surprisingly useful, and can easily be 8-12 damage from Wraithlings alone it’s way better than Fury. Lastly, Shiro Puppydragon might not be a bad choice (Haven’t tested myself, but been beaten by it)


ill have to play some more to be honest to see how it doesn’t rank up with gold players. then ill see how im losing…

yea spectral rev looks v. good… ill try and get it when i get more spirit


Playing your deck to know what cards you like helps.
No clue what cards you have. For basic cards you could try experimenting with Ephemeral Shroud and Saberspine Tiger. Dispels are always useful for example against Snowchasers and Aymaras. Rush is useful as removal or the extra damage for lethal, especially with the buffs you have. You could also kamikaze a Tiger to proc deathwatch effects.