Gold Fountain in Duelyst


So, i played a couple of Faeria this week and theres one item there called Gold Fountain. It cost $4,99 and you get 600 gold on the purchase plus 60 more gold each day for a entire month. I really like the ideia of this item cause it helps people who dont have a lot of time (to complete quests everyday) and a lot of money (to buy full collection or pack bundles).

Do you guys think that Duelyst could have a Gold Fountain too? With Shimzar coming the collection will get bigger and with the recent Steam release we have a lot of new players. Duelyst by itself is really generous with the quests and challenges already, but i think that the Gold Fountain would be a nice way to give more flexibility to collect cards, plus, giving money for CPG of course :DD


I think they are generous enough already. I just started playing a month ago and I don’t feel like I’m “never going to catch up”. I don’t get to the quests every day, but I still get a few orbs a week. That’s more than I was getting on Hearthstone.

$5 for 24 orbs would definitely deter most players from purchasing much else. The theory behind free to play, is that in exchange for not giving them money, you’re giving them your time (playing the dailies). This pads the player numbers and ensures a healthy player base for those that are spending money to play against. Providing a route that provides little money and little time in game, seems counter intuitive. But, as always, I could be wrong.

On a side note, my brother tried out Faeria right before we discovered Duelyst. He didn’t like it that much. What have been your impressions so far? (I never tried it myself.)


It’s an interesting idea, but the way our gold gain and our orb acquisition is setup it’s unlikely we would implement something like this.


Yes, i see your point. I purchased the gold fountain in Faeria because i’ll not play it so much (cause of Duelyst) and i’m not considering spend more money in it right now. But if it was not by the fountain i would not spend money at all, so i think that maybe it still can bring some nice income for the game. Well, to be fair, the fountain is a recent feature, so we’ll need more time to see how good it’ll be. But i really liked the idea :DD

As for the game, i really liked because it have the tactical movement aspects like Duelyst. Theres no BBS but you have a lot of options to do in your turn, like place tiles (2 neutral tiles or 1 elemental tile), draw a card or gather faeria (mana). The tile thing is really cool cause it reminds the terrains and colors from Magic, having Forest (green), Mountain (red), Lake (blue) and Desert (yellow). And theres no mana curve rule, cause your mana is accumulative. Its a really interesting game and have lots of potential, but I still prefer Duelyst :laughing:


Duelyst is pretty generous with gold. Faeria is even more generous, but I think that’s because they are really trying hard to get more players. (That game also lets you buy packs for ~half what they cost here, or even buy an entire collection for a low price.)

Duelyst has basically reached critical mass to ensure long-term viability, that other game doesn’t appear to have done so. Basically, CP doesn’t need to offer those sorts of megadeals, Abrakam does.


Gold Fountain in Duelyst is called Daily Quests.

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hehe, happens to everyone ^.^