Gold Abyssian player looking to climb, help with list


Hello all, would like any comments/critiques on the list. I managed to make gold the past few seasons and would like to push higher, open to any opinions as a pay to play player.

My List

Primary Wincons:

Obliterate + Mass Creep -
Less reliable but hey, inevitability factor

Abyssal Juggernuat + Mass Creep -
Good but more draw/creep depended then the former

Just winning a solid midrange game -
Out sustaining with Keliano, Smashing with Revenant, etc.

Interesting tech choices (maybe idk):

Hollow Groovekeeper -
Fuck you Lyonar
Fuck you ironcliffe
Fuck you things with provoke…

Nightsorrow -
Goodbye lanternfox
Goodbye obelysks (I probably butchered the spelling, sorry), Goodbye young silthar, you get my point…
(also works great with grasp)

Anyways feel free to drop any comments/suggestions/concerns and happy dueling!!!


how is your draw? you might want to tweek it a bit to slide in some spelljammers or something else to draw. mogwai might be decent for draw. you might want to replace one speltral revnant for another oblirate. if someone disagrees, let me know.


1.) My draw is medium I’d say. I definitely thought about 3x spell jammer after Rite mana cost was changed but I feel like between Spell Jammer and Keliano I always wanna develope Keliano instead, Mogwai is an excellent suggestion I didnt think of, gotta do some more testing for sure

2.) I’ve always seemed to win more games of Revenant than I do Obliterate, but its definitely worth testing out.

Thanks a bunch for the input


just put out from deck all assasins 2 1 for 3mp(too weak 3 mp turn) juggernauts(one dispell = 3 3 for 4mp) reapers (play only in miror matches, all another matchups can ez dispell or transform him) rite (weeery slow 6 mp turn if u uses this on 6 mp u also lose a card and pass a turn, u can use this on 7mp but u opponent will smash u face all time, u can add 2 soujoiners and get more cards + 2 1 5 minions) grovekeepers(bad think, u can add 3x dispells and forget provokes + buffed minions, this is workes better) add 4 2 draw card if he dies add 4 3 all players draw a card add paragon for strong minions add 2x scorns kill vanar valls and good stats put out 2x artifacts add second obliterate(if its one in deck u cant find it) add nightwatcher(ez win zirix + good minion vs rush magmars) add 3x void pulses ( with kelano cah heal for 4 min + win con if u enemy run ouf from u with low health, tested on >1k games on cassyva


I think there are maybe just a few too many 5-drops and not enough 2-drops. 2-drops seem incredibly important for this deck without a non-situational 3-drop to play. Healing Mystic could be a nice choice to give you a better early game, as well as some extra healing to get to the point where you can Obliterate your opponent. Maybe replace the Dancing Blades to fit them in. You seem to have enough pings to justify taking them out.
It’s also still relatively early in the season, meaning that top-tier players might still be climbing to S-Rank, so don’t get discouraged. :slight_smile:


doesn’t night watcher counter spectral revenant?

2x of void hunter, blazehound, and sojo seems like an insane amount of draw in addition to 3x sphere of darkness.

I did switch the grovekeepers for 3x shrouds and have enjoyed that change

really no spectral blade at all? I feel like 1 of is super inconsistent (i never draw it) and it feels like a good card that wins a lot of value (although it doesn’t develop anything)

how many sunset paragon’s are we talking, again one of’s feel super inconsistent

Thanks for the input!!


1 spectral blade is good if he comes on 3-4mana or letal or remove, but if u has 3, they can go to u starting hand, and u cant make a good board with them, only beat minions with u general, 1 blade in deck is good. u need many draw, 4 2 is good minion many times enemy general kills him his face and get 4 dmg + u gain card, 4 3 can burn enemy cards if enemy have 6 cards(songhai anytime have 6 cards, because finding combo), night watcher counter spectral revenant, but if u use him on 4mp u have 3 turns until revenant, magmar or vetruvian hate this minion and wanna kill him or dispell. 1 paragon all of u need in deck. if u play miror u can kill revenants or voprals, on 8mp u have good heal combo sister + scorn = many heal and 1 dmg to all field, on 9 mp u have another combo - sister + paragon = kill big minions + heal, on 5 mp u can kill songhai mirrored avatars, u can kill mechanzor with paragon, u can kill songhai 8 8 with paragon, good used paragon can win the match. with 3x void pulse u can deal 6dmg at any position of enemy general + 9heal, if u use this with sister = 12 heal with two sister =15 heal and also ez 6 dmg, with revenant on 9mp u gain good combo 2x void pulses + revenant = 10dmg + 6 heal. and add one or two copies of 1 4 abbysian who gives creep + 1 dmg(good combos with lure + sphere of darkness) + enemy wants to kill him, he spend resourses to remove 2mp minion and no beating u face at early game.


so lets consider draw, 3x spere of darkness = 3used card + 3 new cards, u dont lose cards and deal something = 6 cards, 2x 4 2 = 2minion + 2 new cards and u dont lose cards = 4 card, blaze hound 1+1=2 card, sojo min 1+1=2
6 + 4 + 2 + 2= sort out 14 cards + dont forget replace
each replase give u sort out you deck or gain topdeck
on 9 mana if we have all of this cards we have 14 sort out cards + 14 for replace +2 mulligan = 30

70% deck have listed and we can find dispell lure heal revenant or obliterate.


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