Going back to laddering with an old vanar concept


so after a while of shenanigans it’s time to get back on the horse with one of my old decks with some changes here and there.
mainly added meltdown and some of the aggro cards which i skeptic about -like corona or meltdown.

ideas? thoughts?


thoughts? i love pandora.


pandora is crazy for sure.

the que. is do you see any problems with the deck


it’s just that the deck don’t seem to be aggro enough to justify wailing overdrive, but i don’t know that much about vaanar really.


To be honest, I don’t see how this deck is supposed to work. You are mentioning aggro, but there are definitely too few minions, especially low cost ones. It seems more a ramp deck than an aggro deck, with cards which are hard to justify, like Wailing Overdrive in absence of minions. I’m pretty sure this is not working in the current aggressive meta.

I’d recommend checking Bagoum for a good starting point for Vanar decks.


I agree with what others have said in that Wailing Overdrive may not be needed. I can see how the deck could work by ramping out via Crystal wisps and Gravity wells taking the mana tiles. But the problem is, if you don’t get any of those 2 cards you’re in for a rough opening to a game (as player 1). You can delay the game with Frigid and Concealing as well as having removal with Blades, Cold, White Asp, Frostburn and Aspect. However, with the low amount of minions it means that its a much higher chance that your powerful cards like Frostiva, Meltdown and Pandora are more likely to be dispelled or removed.

So basically, the most questionable card in the deck is Wailing Overdrive since you may not be able to get to the other side of the board to use it as the deck may not be aggressive enough to get over to that side. Although Gravity Well placement can solve that problem since it chains 4 walls.


great thank you:)

any cards to replace it then?


I’m not really the person to ask, since I never played that kind of deck before. Probably would depend on what kind of problem the deck has the most, which can only really be found out by playing it. Vanar has good options around, so I’m sure you can find the right card to replace Wailing Overdrive if it isn’t working out.


The deck looks alright, but you dont have a ton of minions for your spells to target. The minions you do have are pretty sticky, but with only 3 2 drops you’re going to have a tough time controlling the board since you only have 2 turn 1 plays.



for now almost 90% win on ladder.
even though my mistakes was usually the reason for the 10% losses.

solid deck for sure, enjoy


Which rank? It would be useful to know


I’m curious as well, seems difficult to make such a lategame deck work with so few opening plays


Rank 12 for both of us, and was a fun match (I won).

As having played against it, I can very much see why Wailing Overdrive was in the deck.

The alcuin is a good touch and could probably replace sojourner, as alcuin can be used for more control or a needed minion with cards like aspect, chromatic or concealing shroud.

I won with 9 hp and one turn before meltdown could pull the trigger.

Personally, I think Frostiva would be too slow (never saw it in match).

My opinion:
-3 Sojourner
-3 Frostiva
+3 Tigers
+3 Wailing Overdrive

Tigers and Wailing allow for great 7 mana late game burst and leaves a 8/5 body to address (:heart: this combo) and can be used separately for alternative purposes: combos with Gravity Well minions + Aspect + Wailing for another strong minion or Tigers to remove threats.


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