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Glitchy Client/ Bad Connection Hangout

Lament on your technical difficulties here.

Shed a tear at your rank as you stare at the loading screen for half a minute only to be booted out of the game with the message “Error: Game already over.”

Groan as you are unable to escape the loading screen when you already hit the cancel button and then are abducted into a game you won’t ever see a single second of.

Wonder at why the animations take forever to appear, even though you can apparently still control your general/minions multiple turns before they catch up to you.

Sigh as you replace/draw a card and the slot in your action bar appears empty for many turns, even though you can apparently still cast/summon whatever it is.


It also happened to me when my computer was low on memory.
Now I carefully verify that before playing because Duelyst’s software foundation is such a drama queen.

I still get network screw ups though.

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